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Travel by Boat, Horse, Zip Line

The spa wrapped up our stay in La Fortuna/Arenal. The next morning we made our journey to Monteverde.


We started out traveling via boat across the lake.


Then we got onto horses. Look we have the same haircut!


Here is the gang on the horses. That’s me in the back, very unhappy. I won’t be riding a horse again.


For dinner we went to Tree House. Did anyone see us on the webcam?


We took advantage of the nice ambiance to snap some photos. Here is Michelle with tree in background.


Hola, chica. Dame besos y abrazos.


The next morning my back was hurting so all my friends offered to take a crack at unknotting it. It hurt so bad. Look at how red my back turned. Why does he look so happy?


Fortunately I my back didn’t bother me enough to stop me from this.

This was a big deal for me. I don’t like roller coasters. They scare me.

Never Want to Go Home

I finally hit a hotel with free WiFi, so I will make this short and sweet. I am having a great time here with Michelle and all my friends. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and we have done so many fun things


We return in three days. Stayed tuned here and Michelle’s site for more.