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2007: No Plausible Deniability for Early 20’s

With 2007 came the realization that I was no longer in my early 20’s. Gone were the years of wild partying.


I told you I got really into fish. It took me three months of having a 10 gallon tank to upgrade to 55 gallons. This is what it started as, but it’s quite different now.


Michelle and I took a trip to China with some friends. So many Chinese people, but there they just call them people.


We got into to the usual vacation hijinx.


This isn’t China. This is the San Diego Zoo.


The very next weekend we went down to San Diego again to Sea World.


I had a great karaoke/bowling birthday party.


I gave Michelle a great gift of us.


I got pretty good at Wii Bowling.

So begins the life of a boring person. Eh. That’s all relative. I think some of this stuff is still really cool. When I hit thirty I’ll do puzzles and play board games.

Too Tired from Playing to Go to Work

You think that excuse would ever work for getting out of work? It’s the honest truth. This weekend has been so full of activities. I am just beat.

Friday night was designed to cross of one of the items off of Michelle’s to do list. We had a drink or three out on the town. Actually it was four each. Things really come into perspective when you’ve had a few drinks. It was good to relax and get in the mood for the long weekend.

The weekend went on from there to include a birthday dinner, two BBQs, many hours of Wii Fit, bowling at Randall’s, and Rock Band. Here are some of the recaps.

If you don’t see it this week, remind me to tell you about our bowling league with the coveted trophy and the reason why my bowling nickname is Hula Hump.

Is it Friday yet?

Wii (Are Not) Fit

I got my Wii Fit this week, and I got my first chance to play it tonight with Michelle and my mom. That games are pretty darn hard. I wouldn’t say the Wii Fit is going to replace any sort of real workout, but for people that get zero exercise, it’s not bad. The difficulty of the games, not the exercise, is the discouraging part. No matter how well I thought I did in an event, I was alway an amateur. What does it take to be a professional? Well, I guess I will have to keep playing to find out.

I’ll Kick Your Ass…

I’ve been doing various activities involving physical ability. Well it’s time to add another one. I just purchased a Wii Fit. I’m about to blast those quads, while keeping up my balance and flexibility. I will kick your ass…online.