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Alcohol is my anti-drug.

I took some of the photos off my camera finally, including some additional photos from Labor Day Weekend in San Diego.

Yes, Asians like to mentally challenge themselves even when drinking. The whole back rows are hard liquor.

I don’t know what happened here, whether we played half court beer pong or just made a hybrid flip pong game.

We need to switch to weed from this point out. No one will get hangovers, and the trip would be so much cheaper. We wouldn’t have to do anything. We would just sit around and laugh at the screensaver. Food bills might get high though.

My birthday was better than your 8-year-old son’s birthday.

Michelle threw a surprise birthday party for my 30th birthday. I use the term “surprise” loosely. We are good at the communication thing, so we know what the other is up to most of the time. I knew something was going down. I just kept my nose out of her business the best I could, because I knew she wanted to do something special. The day of the birthday I knew Michelle needed time to prep things in the apartment, so I told her I’d go out for some drinks for a couple of hours.

Two hours is a long time, and a lot of whiskey can be consumed in that time. I walked back to my apartment with a note on the door that read, “Sit down and play the DVD.” My first thought was, “She got me porn for my birthday!” Nope. What I got was way cooler! In my intoxicated excitement I do drop the F-bomb at least once in the video, so play at your own risk.

Yes, Michelle got my friends to dress up in masks and parade around my living room with light sabers! That’s just the start. It kept getting better and better!

Why is that Clone Trooper giving the Star Trek “live long and prosper” sign?

Everything was Star Wars, right down to the plates.

After eating some food and having some beers, we walked over to Backstage to do some drinking and karaoke, but there were more surprises in store for me there.

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi!  You’re my only hope.” Yes, this is my birthday cake! Be jealous little kids!

Let me show you again. This is my birthday cake. R2-D2! Red Velvet R2-D2.

I wish I had more photos from my birthday, but six Jameson on the rocks before dinner and the party begins will make you forget to take your camera and other details throughout the night. I am waiting for some more photos to come from friends that had cameras during the night. I’m still debating whether to post my karaoke video, because I drank A LOT. I scream the F-Bomb at the beginning of the song, and then it goes downhill from there.

Michelle really outdid herself this time. I definitely don’t feel old after having a birthday party like this. I love it! You can bet she’s going to get the best Avatar surprise birthday party next time around.

This is NOT the way to start a new year.

Poor choices on New Year’s Eve lead to a bad start to the new year. That’s really all you need to know, but for those of you that like to see me in embarrassing moments, read on please.

Dinner was at Jitlada in Thai Town. For those of you unfamiliar with Jitlada, the best stuff on the menu is the back page, which is known to be incredibly spicy. It’s good but not really the kind of meal you enjoy before a night out on the town. It’s normally safer to enjoy a meal here and then speed a night close to a toilet.

Fortunately for us the pain we experienced was only during the meal and it was on the inlet side of the body. It hurts so good.

After dinner we went back to Annie’s place to have a few drinks. Then the really bad decisions started as we headed out to the bar.

I think it was no more than a fifteen minute walk to the bar, but by the halfway point I put down three beers. There would have been a fourth, but halfway through it I realized I was too full. Here Michelle and I stop to pose.

As you can see by my facial expression, I am already having too much fun. Yet I keep drinking. You won’t see me  in the rest of the pictures with my friends at the bar, because I decided to make new friends and hang out with them.

On the walk home, I decided to take a rest on this couch. I’m sure it was filthy.

This picture isn’t to point out that someone else had too much fun. This is just to point out that Annie had a poster of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Why?

Michelle gets all the blog love.

I don’t remember this, but I tried to feed soda to Fred. Based on pictures he was not happy. Probably like waking a hibernating bear.

I spent the rest of the night in the kitchen, wedged next to the fridge.

Then my friends drew on my face. I’m talking hands free! My only complaint is that they did this AFTER they drew on my other friend’s foot WITH THE SAME MARKER!

This is the good knee. I have random bruises on my arms and I feel like I pulled my lats. I also looked at my jacket and thought I had blood all over it, but I was later informed that Michelle used me as a napkin. Thanks to all my friends that stuck by me so that these were the limitations to my injuries.

The rest of the year can only be better. Bring it on 2010!

As Good as California, Except Worse

I could not live anywhere, except for California. The weather is just not conducive to my happiness. It’s freezing out here in Michigan in the winter, and right now it’s too humid. The only consolation is that the booze is cheap. I ordered a 22 oz. beer off the tap and a Jameson. Six bucks! That’s how much a 12 oz. bottle of beer costs back in California. I guess they have to make sure to keep people intoxicated so they don’t pick up and leave.