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Melody Bar: Feelin’ Like a Celeb

With all this cold weather, Michelle said we should get a pot pie. I did a quick search to find out where to get one for dinner, but all that would come up was Marie Callender’s. I’ll go to the freezer section for one of those. It was just my luck that Melody Bar had a pot pie as one of its weekly specials, so we headed down to grab a warm meal on a cold day.

We started with the chicken sliders. I love these things.

We also decided to try one of their other specials, a Korean short rib taco. Yeah, everyone has done one of these before. While it’s nothing out of this world spectacular, it’s nice to go to a familiar setting to get a drink and have variety in the food from week to week. You don’t get that at other watering holes.

This is the pot pie. The ingredients are stewed together and then finished off with a pint of Newcastle. Finally it’s topped with a phyllo dough crust and popped in the oven to bake.

It reminded me of being home on a cold day with a Swansons frozen pot pie, but this one had more depth. It satisfied my need for that warm meal that felt like home.

We finished off the meal with some ice cream and churros, always a nice treat. Damn you, Melody Bar! I’m supposed to be on a diet.

The next day I heard Fergie stopped into Melody Bar for lunch with her husband. Looks like I’ll be rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite next time I show up. It’s all for the best. I mean, I’ve been out growing my current friends with my classiness and what not.

Also, don’t forget to try Bulleit Bourbon. Never had it before until that night. Delicious.

Melody Bar

I was introduced to Melody Bar after my friend had his 30th birthday here. There was food that was brought out, but I was too busy crooning to check it out. Plus it was bar food. Why would I want to eat that? Because of my narrow minded thinking, I never got to enjoy some of the best bar food ever…until later.

When I say bar food, I mean food that is served at a bar. There are a lot of restaurants out there that happen to have bars. Melody Bar is first and foremost a bar, a watering hole. It’s a great place to grab a few drinks with some friends, but don’t be fooled by the bar atmosphere. This is some good eating.

Herbed Gilroy Garlic Fries. Garlic is something that you can never have too much of on a dish.

These chicken sliders are delicious. I order them every time I stop into Melody Bar. The sliders are accompanied by a buffalo dipping sauce, but I like this the way they come out of the kitchen.

Remember when I said this place was a bar first? That makes it pretty tough to take photos. Here are the pork belly skewers glazed in a rasberry chipotle sauce.

Bacon wrapped dates. Everything wrapped in bacon is a must.

This is the mac n’ cheese. It is probably the dish you will hear most about from people that have eaten at Melody Bar. It’s cheesy, warm, and all around delicious. If you are going to order one thing here, I suggest you try this. It’s like sex, except you will be having it.

Melody Bar isn’t just known for its food. They have quite a few things going on any given day of the week. There is something for everyone. Karaoke, beer pong, stand up comedy, live bands. If you prefer to shoot some pool in the back, you can do that too. If you’ve been to this bar before, go back. A lot has changed recently. The new owners have taken it from “that dirty bar next to that suspicious looking massage parlor” into “that fun bar with awesome food.” The massage parlor is still there in case you want to check it out too.

I love this bar. It’s a straight shot down Sepulveda, perfect for layovers at LAX.  If you’re ever at the airport early and contemplating getting a burger at In-N-Out, do yourself a favor and make your way across the street and check out Melody Bar instead. Grab a bite to eat and a beer. You won’t be disappointed.