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Wedding Weekend: 1 of 843,394 this year.

Let’s start this post off with what I know best, eating.

I never knew I liked Taiwanese food so much until I went to Taiwan two years ago. Sue’s Kitchen in Torrance has saved me from multiple cravings. We always order the beef noodle soup here too, but we’re probably the only ones ordering in English.

Saturday was the first wedding of many this year. Although Michelle is the one that knows them from college, JP and Jenn are two of the nicest people I’ve met. I couldn’t be happier for them.

They also happen to be great dancers, both in the dance troop, Kaba Modern. JP was the troop leader.

We’re not next. There are five or so weddings in between.

Since guys don’t want to read about weddings, here’s some eye candy.

We asked the wait staff if the flower was edible. They said no, but the petal I tried tasted okay to me.

There was not meat choice give. It was chicken for everyone, because they wanted to have the open bar. They made the right choice.

Chocolate covered strawberries…and Scotch.

Michelle’s friend made these for the wedding. I don’t eat dessert and I loved it.

In typical wedding fashion with Michelle’s friends, dancing occurred, shirts were removed, and nipples were sighted. Good times!

It’s official if it’s on the Internet.

Well, since Michelle has already posted it I figure it’s okay for me to post it as well. We launched our wedding website. You can check it out here. There’s no backing out now. It’s on the web!

This is my wedding too!

So things are falling in line for the wedding a piece at a time. One thing we haven’t decided is attire for the groomsmen. I’ve already been shot down for anything Star Wars related. (Seriously, I don’t even know why I’m invited to the wedding.) Since my attire from a galaxy far, far away isn’t going to fly I did the next best thing and started looking for suits and tuxedos by watching Mobsters.

Nothing says wedding like a bunch of well-dressed killers.

Matt’s Big Book of Weddings

In order to save the sanity of husbands-to-be all around the world I’ve created this handy guide for wedding planning. It will cover the things you should do and the details that no girl will ever think about in her planning.

  1. Party. Since you would rather have a kegger anyway, make sure there is plenty of alcohol available. Everyone will tell you it was a great wedding if they are inebriated, no matter how poorly other things go. Also, spread out the heavy drinkers. Most people put the rowdy crowd in the back together, but this is a mistake. You want them dispersed to rally up the entire group, not just one or two tables of passed out people.

That is my advice. This could have been a multi-part book, but I think I pretty much covered everything important.

In a Wedding Rut

Unless you know Michelle and me personally, you probably don’t realize that she is taller than me by about an inch. That’s never been a problem because I’m big in other areas. (I meant heart, but thanks for believing in me, even if it was only for a split second and then followed by uncontrollable laughter.)

This Thanksgiving I stopped in to see Michelle’s family. She was without shoes and I was wearing my work shoes, which happen to be steel toe shoes that have quite a bit of heel on them. She got excited, maybe thinking I magically grew a couple inches. When she realized it was the shoes she was still happy.

Michelle: You should wear shoes like this for the wedding!
Me: No way. Those look weird. I have a better idea.


Me: Since we’re getting married outside we can dig a hole for you to stand in for the ceremony.

Oh yeah. I have a blog.

It’s been a while since I’ve written in this thing. In regards to the last entry, the meeting of the parental units went well. Now the next time the parents will have to meet is at the wedding rehearsal. Speaking of weddings, I just finished my October wedding tour, hitting three weddings three weeks in a row. You’ve seen the first one already.

Wedding number two was at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado, CA. Who knew such a place existed?


Here are the happily, newly wed couple! They look so happy.

But that’s not the coolest part. They had a white tiger. A fucking white tiger!

How do you top a white tiger? Well maybe a liger, but the last wedding of this wedding season did not have that. What it did have was sorority girls on a boat. It almost had T-Pain come along too, but the trip I won was only for two. Even without T-Pain the wedding was pretty awesome, because I think this wedding was the first time that Michelle and her sorority sisters came together in a long time.


The weather was a little gloomy, but things perked up. No, this isn’t an Asian sorority. UC Irvine has an over representation of Asians in general.

I’ve had my fill of weddings. Eloping in Vegas is looking real good right now.

Wedding Exhaustion


Friday night was the first wedding of three in October for Michelle and myself. It gives us the opportunity to see what other people have planned for their own special days and let us get a feel for what we like.

The next morning we rolled out of bed earlier than normal to catch brunch with some friends that haven’t seen Michelle since our engagement. The food was delicious and the company of friends is always enjoyable..




This french toast is their most popular dish, and the consensus around the table was that it was delicious.

After brunch Michelle and I started our search for the venue for The Funnest Wedding Ever. That’s what I’m calling our wedding. I’m still working out the details, but I think balloon animals and a cotton candy maker are in order.


This was the area around one of the venues we saw. Veto by reason of ghetto!


This was offered to us for preparation if we booked another venue we stopped to see. I get top bunk!

After seeing venues we went to dinner for Fred’s birthday and out to Crocker Club for some drinks. We took off after Michelle got dizzy. It was probably dehydration and a long day of running around. Of course some of my friends said she just realized she was going to marry me and got sick. Can’t it be both?


House warming on Sunday. Friends are all grown up now.

Am I married yet?

I’m already tired of wedding planning. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s just that all this thinking and researching is cramping my easy-going demeanor. I like to show up places and let whatever happens happen. Weddings don’t seem to be too conducive to this type of lifestyle.


You want my opinion? Go with the classic Stormtrooper helmets over the Clone Trooper helmets. Actually, now that I’m looking at this picture, having a Star Wars themed wedding would make decision making pretty easy.

Ceremony Music: Imperial March
Reception Music: Mos Eisley Cantina Band
Bridesmaid Dresses: Golden Bikinis
Cake: Death Star
Wedding Date: May the Fourth be with you!

Maybe this is why Michelle is going to make most of the decisions, like our website domain:


Stupid Cameras

Remember the times when you had a few too many drinks and people had a good laugh for a week but that was it? Then whenever it came up again you just said, “Never happened.” Unfortunately that’s not possible anymore. Everyone has a camera. I got some more pictures from the wedding, which happened so long ago, but the pictures freeze it in time forever…FOREVER…FOREVER.


Look at us, pretending to know how to read.


Tossing one back before the ceremony. Liquid courage.


Tossing another one back. Maybe this is why the rest of these pictures exist.


Looks like we had a great time.


Can anyone clue me in to what I was doing here? God I hope this isn’t on the final copy of the wedding video.

Next time I’ll keep the drinks under double digits. Promise.

Who says humans lack instinct?

Shark Week is here! The shows always talk about sharks using instinct for survival. Top predators are always fascinating, already born with all the tools necessary to hunt. I used to wonder why humans are so lacking in instincts like this. Why do you have to teach them everything? How come they’re not hard-wired from birth to do anything? I found out this weekend that the females of the human species definitely have some of these killer instincts.

It’s no secret that Michelle and I have been looking at rings. I even told my parents, because they know a heck of a lot more about diamonds *cough*cubic zirconia*cough* than I do. Still after a trip to the jewelry district Downtown, I came home to ask my parents some questions. My mom asked, “Can I wear my dress that Mike wouldn’t let me wear to his wedding?”

Hold up for a moment! We’re not getting married! We’re getting a ring! We haven’t even gotten it yet! What makes you think you can start planning your attire for a wedding?

Just so we’re clear that it’s not mothers only, let’s take a look at Michelle. She has just recently stepped down from her full time position as and editor. She is a freelance writer. (Hire her to ease the strain on my wallet.) I bought her a Moleskine notebook for her to write down all her ideas for writing pieces. Instead it is filled with sketches of wedding dresses, decorations, and notes about things she wants at her wedding. I believe I even saw the word “fun” written in there.

Behold the apex predator! Like sharks that are thrown into a frenzy with a single drop of water, females of the human species are thrown into the same frenzy at the sight or even mention of a ring. I’m pretty much doomed, but I take solace in knowing about my demise in advance. I’m going to have a fun wedding and my mom will be wearing some dress that my brother already vetoed for his own wedding.