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Still in a Northern California Daze

This week has been rough so far. We went up north for two weddings on consecutive weekends. Coming home Sunday night after ten days with Maggie has been tiring. We’re still trying to catch up on rest. Here’s the quick photo rundown of our trip. Sorry for the poor quality. I almost always only use the iPhone to take photos, and there is no time to post process photos anymore.


Since we have to stop every two hours for Maggie, we took the 101. There are more places to stop, including Firestone Walker.


Stop #2 was also Firestone Walker but a different location. Maggie enjoyed learning about barrel aging beers.


Maggie met her cousin Myla, who played around her rather than with her.


Maggie also got to meet her cousin Joshua. Basically none of them really acknowledged each other.


Maggie did get to play with a pool noodle lightsaber.


My cousin Jessica got married in a beautiful ceremony and reception that I would call ” very similar to ours but nicer.”


After spending time in the San Jose area, we headed down to Monterey and Carmel for a little bit, stopping by the aquarium.


Jellyfish are so cool.


Maggie was happy as a clam.


The open ocean tank was huge with sea turtles, tuna, and hammerhead sharks.


We cruised the 17-mile drive and got to see The Lone Cypress.


Point Lobos State Preserve.


China Beach.


After Carmel we raced to SF just to head out again across the new Bay Bridge.


We got to go to Pixar! Unfortunately there’s a pretty strict “no photo” policy on most of the campus, so pictures are limited to the lobby areas.


Most displays were for Monsters University since it was their latest release.


Luigi and Guido from Cars.


Who could forget these guys? Oooooooooooh!


Maggie got to play in her first playground.


She also got to enjoy oysters.


This guy got married. There was a lot of crying.


Maggie drove us home after a long trip. Holy crap I look exhausted.

I need a vacation from this vacation.

I’m married…again.

We got a letter in the mail this week saying we never used the marriage license we applied for about sixty days ago. We had a wedding that cost me lots of money. Of course we’re married! Aren’t we?

I started digging through some paper only to find our marriage license, filled out by our officiant, but without witness signatures. Flipping it over indicated that this had to be returned within 10 days of the marriage. We’ve been married for a month and a half already! Oh wait. We’re not married. Well we’ve been something for a month and a half already!

We had our best man and maid of honor sign the sheet and we went to court this morning to see if we needed to get married again. I told Michelle that no matter what happened, I wasn’t going to remember two anniversaries.

As we pulled up to the the guard said, “Here to get a wedding license? I can tell by the smiles on your faces.” I quickly responded, “No, we’ve already been married for a month and a half. We’re miserable. We’re just here to submit paperwork to make it official.” He laughed as we went on our way to figure out our fate.

We stood in line behind multiple couples eagerly awaiting to get their licenses. I wondered if I should warn them about turning in their paperwork on time but figured they should experience the confusion themselves. As we waited Michelle said to me, “If we have to get another marriage license and get married, maybe I can keep my name this time? Woo! is getting really popular.” I shook my head no and told her, “We don’t have to get married if you don’t want.”

After all that, it was for nothing. It turns out while the marriage license says it’s good for 90 days and needs to be returned within 10 days of the marriage, the office will take the license up to a year after it’s issued. What a headache. They really need to change their paperwork, because I know we’re not the only ones who have been confused by this.

Looking back on all this, it really makes no difference. Married or not, I’m with Michelle. I told her, “We’re married no matter what anyone says. You’re my wife” She smiled at me as I added, “Now why don’t you go finish the dishes.”

Told we had something special planned.

Michelle has been asking me not to post too much about our wedding, because she wanted to save it for this. We’re on Style Me Pretty! Did I get too excited there? I actually have never been to that website (story I’m sticking with), but I hear it’s a big deal. That means Michelle is a big deal, and as her plus one, I am a big deal. I like being a big deal.

Check out some of the photos from our wedding. All photos are by our awesome wedding photographer, Raya, unless otherwise noted.

Our first look. Michelle’s first words to me were, “I’m so glad you showed up.”

Guys I have known for way too long.

The gorgeous bride with her bridesmaids.

Being married under Hometree. Apologies to the bridesmaids and groomsmen on the ends. Fisheye lenses are not flattering there. On the up side, look how great Michelle and I look. Photo by David C. Lee.

Our wedding coordinators at Bash Eco Events put together Michelle’s image beautifully. People were calling it, “The Best 6 -Year-Old Birthday Party Ever.”

Photo byDavid C. Lee.


Yeah, we even brought in Coolhaus. Our friends, who don’t live in the LA area are still talking about the truck.

And of course there was dancing. A few wine bottles made it onto the dance floor, which meant even more fun.

So a big thanks to all the friends and family that were able to make this day so special. We had awesome vendors to make it all come together. I’m glad I can finally put the whole wedding behind me and just an old, married man.

Our wedding summed up in one photo.

There really isn’t one photo that can truly sum up our wedding, but this one does a pretty job from what I remember. Everyone had a camera. Some people had more than one. At one point during the reception, I leaned over to Michelle and said, “Don’t look now. I don’t know which of your relatives it is, but there is someone filming us eating.” I know it was a big day, but give us a break.

This is my father-in-law’s hand. He had a good, unobstructed view.

So why so few pictures if there were so many cameras? We’ve been holding out on you. Something good is coming. We promise.

Wedding and Marriage in Hindsight

Me: Does anything feel different now that we’re married? It feels exactly the same to me.
Michelle: What? No! Now we have to see each other for the rest of our lives.
Me: Even if we didn’t get married I’d still see you for the rest of your life.
Michelle: Why?
Me: I’d stalk you.

What’s supposed to feel different after getting married? I think if you expect to feel different you might have more to worry about. A wedding doesn’t change anything. You make the decision to spend the rest of your life with someone long before you go through any ceremony to make it “official.”

With the wedding all done it makes me laugh to think of all the planning and details we worked on, only to have our friends be impressed with the fact that both our fathers gave speeches in perfect English.

Photo Booth Madness

One of the things I love is capturing memories in images. So it was an absolute must for us to have a photo booth of some sort at our wedding. After looking at all the other costs, I didn’t want to pay for a photo booth rental. Instead I took my dSLR and hooked it up to my laptop to preview the photos as they were taken.

Here is the backdrop of our photo booth, ivy intertwined with pom poms and twirly whirlies.

There were plenty of fun props to play with for the photos.

It was also nice to have a non traditional photo booth, because you can cram more people into the frame.

Some people started getting amorous.

Most of the people just had a good time being silly.

Even some of our older friends and relatives got in on the fun.

This is super impressive timing to get all four of them in the air like this.

A fight did break out over people hogging the camera time.

Some people were naturals when it came to photos. It’s like art.

There was even a light saber battle or two that night.

Michelle’s family loved the photo booth.

Cheese! Is this thing working? There we go!

I’m high on life.

Making love to the camera.

Everyone enjoyed it until the very end of the night.

I was super happy about the way the photo booth turned out on my first try. I’d love to set this up for some other event some time. If anyone has an occasion, give me a holler. I’m much less expensive than those other guys and probably the best looking photo booth operator you’ll find out there. For now, please enjoy the some more of our photos on our wedding website.

My favorite wedding picture so far.

Wedding pictures have slowly started to filter in from the over 100 cameras that were at our wedding. While the official photos are yet to be seen, this is the best one I’ve seen hands down.

“Everybody in the picture? Smile!” The joke’s on them. I’m the happiest person in the photo.

Rethinking this marriage thing…

Best Man: im gonna totally lie and make u look like the best guy ever
Me: if i dont cry i want my money back.
Best Man: if u werent married u would totally get laid
Best Man: after my speech
Me: but since im getting married
Me: i wont
Me: ever

My Best Man is married. There was no disagreement to my statement. Wait a second…

Weekend without Michelle

The last time Michelle went away for the weekend, I could have summed up my time with one phrase. No pants. This weekend, however, was a lot more productive and a lot more clothed.

I woke up early Saturday and fired of some emails and then went out to brunch with a friend. A prize to whoever guesses where we had brunch. This is bottle one of two. That means one for each of us.

Corned beef hash.

Machaca con Huevos.

After brunch I was supposed to run a bunch of errands, but a bottle of champagne will make you sleepy. So I spent the afternoon resting before the wedding I had to attend. If there were two things to remember from this wedding, these are those things.

People love desserts. Not me, but people.

Steven Spielberg was there…or was he?

Sunday was going to be the day that I relaxed, but because I had the champagne brunch fiasco, I still had errands to run. I ran all around town for a good part of the morning, stopping into lunch at Mitsuwa only to find out I only had two dollars in my wallet. Fortunately one of the places takes credit card. I still wish I had cash to get my Santouka Ramen. For dinner one of my friends graciously invited me and a couple other friends to use up some of his balance at Rolling Hills Country Club for dinner.

New York Steak. Risotto. Mac n’ Cheese. I could not finish this, and so I have an awesome lunch for tomorrow.

The salmon, which also looked pretty darn good.

Still the best surprise was after dinner. We decided to take a walk around the grounds to gain some breathing room. As we walked past the golf cart return one of the employees said there weren’t too many people on the course, so we could take the carts out and just drive around. How can you pass up an offer like that? It was like being in high school with our first cars all over again, exciting and new.

Remember when the first of your friends got a car, and everyone rode in it?

As more friends got their cars, you would get them together and pose with them. So proud.

Then you used your car to get dates, because what good is a car if it can’t get you some action?

This is the ultimate high school destination, Make Out Point. Unfortunately for us there was one girl and four guys, so it wasn’t where boys become men. It was just where things got awkward.

Another Weekend of Eating and Drinking Too Much

This weekend was a weekend full of fun, possibly regrettable decisions. I think I need some help with my self control. Friday my friends came over after work for happy hour. We were going to do it up big.

We started at Gyenari, where we got the tower of beer that screams, “Look at us. We are douchebags drinking beer!”

Afterward we decided to grab a couple of slices with some more beer at LaRocca’s Pizza.

With Korean and Italian cuisine represented already, we decided to hit up Tacos el Gallito and add Mexico to the mix.

Since Father’s Office is in between home and the taco truck, we decided to do it up right and stop there too.

Keep in mind this was all done before 9:30 PM. As I passed out in the middle of our furniture-less living room, I vowed never to eat or drink again…until the next time. Unfortunately for me, the next time was the next day.

I got to be a part of a special day for a very good friend of mine. Congrats, Tyson and Angie!

So like any good friend would do, I celebrated. A bread basket did catch on fire at my table, but that was a good two feet away from me. Couldn’t have been my fault.