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Can’t Kick Your Ass…Even On the Internet

I’ve been writing something every day for about two weeks now and my readership is way up, reaching last week’s peak of sixty seven visitors in one day. That’s not bad for someone that writes about random ideas that float into his head. I was feeling pretty good about it all and then Michelle tweeted this. One nod from michellewoo.com and my daily traffic doubled. I’ve had a website for over eleven years. Two years in the game and she’s already surpassed me ten fold.


I can’t say I’m the cool one in the relationship anymore. I don’t think I ever was, but this concrete proof is just a slap in the face. I’ll just have to resort to being the sexy, smart, funny one. You win some. You lose some.

Blast From the Past!

Since its beginning I kept this site secret as far as my identity goes, never posting pictures of myself that identified which handsome person in the pictures was me. If you read michellewoo.com, which you should, it’s pretty easy to figure out a little bit about me.

Let me tell you something that Michelle has been telling me all along. Anonymity is boring. While I won’t be posting my full name or putting up pictures of myself in inebriated states from my college days, I will be getting more personal and sharing some goings on in my life.

As a part of that, I have imported two years of my blog posts from Moron Enterprises, my old domain. To be completely honest I have no idea what the content of the posts was, but with a domain name like Moron Enterprises, it can’t be too far off from Sure Beats Work.

For some reason when I imported them, they all got truncated so you have to click into each one to view the whole thing.  To give you some incentive, there are a few gems in all the crap writings. This post about me being a little crazy is a good one, as is this post about me being every man you’ve ever met. Enjoy.

F My Life? F Your Life!

I came across an aswesome site last night. F My Life is a collection of user submitted anecdotes. A lot of them you can tell are made up, but they’re all hilarious. It reminds me of Group Hug and Post Secret.

Spend the rest of the day reading about other people’s problems and feel better about yourself heading into the weekend.

My First Web 2.0 Badge

I feel like a true blogger with the creation of my first badge. I give you the “Complete Waste of Time” badge. This is meant in the best way possible. Sometimes you just don’t want to be productive. Sites that help you accomplish this will be rewarded with this badge.


The first site to get this prestigious award is GetDrunker.com, a site created by one of my buddies with too much time on his hands. This site absolutely and completely embodies the spirit of this award. After perusing the liquor cabinet, getting drunk, passing out, and recovering the next day from a hangover, you have truly wasted a lot of time. Bravo, sir!

Lunch Bag Art

I Twittered about this a while back, but for those of you with half a million friends I don’t know if you saw it. This guy is  extremely talented and he must care about his kids quite a bit to do this every day. My ability to draw is zero. If I had to do something for my kids (It’s called hypothetical. I don’t have them…not that I know of anyway.) I’d have to use what little talents I do possess.

Crap, I just realized I don’t have any talents that stand out. I honestly just realized that I am mediocre at most of the stuff I do. I suppose I’m decent at taking photos of my friends and Photoshopping them into compromising positions with each other, but that’s hardly acceptable for my kids’ lunches.

What would you do to make every lunch day special for your kids?

Anyone Out There?

Leave a comment. I’m curious. That is all.

Photos are Up

Let’s keep this short and sweet. I moved my photos website to this domain. You can check it out here. I have an RSS feed linked on the sidebar for future reference.

It Tastes Like Burning*

I ran across Foodista during my normal travels across the World Wide Web. It’s a recipe website that takes a wiki approach. This means that anyone can edit a recipe, even if they weren’t the original person that posted the recipe. This sounds like a terrible idea.

Everyone’s tastes are different, and you will never get people to agree on the best way to prepare a meal. This site will end up in utter chaos, never ending up with the best recipes, always flipping back and forth as people fight to use their favorite ingredients and remove their ones that make them sick.

I don’t eat lettuce. There are some exceptions, but lettuce is something I do not like to eat. It’s not a taste issue; it’s texture. Ever since I was young, I have always though of eating lettuce like chewing on pieces of Styrofoam. Given the choice to enter a recipe, it will never include lettuce. Should I become a member of Foodista, you would see lettuce disappear from every recipe on the site to suit my tastes. You’d have recipes for salads that would require an empty bowl and nothing more.

Culturally people have different taste preferences as well. Panda Express was one of the vendors that catered food at my high school. If you saw a White person in that line, you could almost bet he was getting Orange Chicken. At my high school, you were either White or Asian. It’s not so much an ethnicity thing as it is a cultural thing. The more Americanized you are culturally, the more you are likely to like foods that are very sweet and very salty. That’s why we’re a country of fat, sickly people. That point aside, this is chicken drizzled in orange-flavored syrup. People can’t share the same recipe because of different tastes.

This site will not work as it’s currently designed. People will keep overwriting other people’s changes to their personal preferences. What this site needs to do is to allow version changes to recipes, leaving the original recipe intact. They note why they made the changes so people can choose whether or not they want to use bacon or pancetta in the recipe.

I know if Michelle started editing recipes, they would all include more of one of the following ingredients. Tobasco. Tapatio. Sriracha. I will not be cooking from these recipes.

*You win two Internets if you can tell me where the title of this post comes from and another three if you can name another quote that involves a fruit.

Move Along…


Going Black? Never Going Back?

Lately I’ve been feeling in a slump. I’m not sure if I want to continue with Moron Enterprises. It may be time to go black. It’s been a good, long run. I may reemerge with something new. Time will tell. You’ll still see my presence online still as I am taking on the role of marketng for michellewoo.com. I’m working on making her famous so she can support me. You can also continue to find me on Twitter.