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If only peopled liked me this much all the time.

Thanks, everyone for reading my rant about Macy’s blunder. I felt good just knowing that people cared enough to read, and a lot of you even chimed in with your own horror stories of Macy’s. Now if you could all continue to visit my website daily, that’d be great.

Holy crap! We’re famous.

I’m in LA, trick! Michelle and I are in the LA Times doing what we do best, living. Much respect to Blogger Prom once again. It’s a big deal.

Check out the full article, here.

Hello michellewoo.com readers.

I’ve been keeping some form of blog for about ten years, way back when I had to edit HTML by hand and upload it every time I made a change. Back then it wasn’t even called a blog; it was just called a website, and I was the only one that really kept a personal one amongst my friends. I was kind of the (Internet) world.

Then came Michelle, and by comparison I got a lot less cool. I bet 80% of my readers are actually her readers first. I get the collateral traffic. Take today for instance. The day isn’t even ¬†over, and she’s spiked my traffic just like she did five days ago.

I guess I’ll just have to stick with being the cool one in real life.

I’m in charge of the bills.

Most of you probably didn’t realize, but michellewoo.com was offline for approximately 5 hours in the wee hours this morning. Michelle and probably everyone on the west coast didn’t realize it was down. Someone forgot to renew the hosting. My first thought was, “She let her hosting expire again?” Then I realized I am in charge of her hosting account, because I didn’t think she would stay on top of renewing it.

I have a feeling our marriage will be highlighted by regular periods of time spent in the dark and without heat.

Creatures of Habit

As humans we all get used to doing what is familiar to us. We get comfortable doing the same things over and over. There are restaurants that we frequent because we enjoy the food. We stick to certain products because they are what we have become accustomed to using. We say the same words and phrases over and over.

That’s got to affect blogging. Every time I get an idea that I want to blog I wonder to myself, “Have I already written about this?” I find myself having to search my own website to make sure that I haven’t written the exact same post before. The last thing I want is to sound like an old man, constantly telling kids to get off my lawn over and over while recounting stories of the good ole days to people that have absolutely no interest. How do you stay fresh with writing ideas?

After writing this I forgot to check whether I’ve blogged about this subject before. My apologies if it’s been done.

It’s official if it’s on the Internet.

Well, since Michelle has already posted it I figure it’s okay for me to post it as well. We launched our wedding website. You can check it out here. There’s no backing out now. It’s on the web!

Google is Punkin’ Me

Seriously, what happened on December 29th? This is most confusing.

Star Wars by Amateurs

Someone took on an enterprising project of splitting the entire original Star Wars movie into 15-second clips and asking Vimeo users to recreate the scenes themselves. There are only three completed scenes so far, but I’m super excited to see this come to completion. It’s great because it allows you to view the original clip when you look at the recreated clip.

Does that mean if I download all the original clips and put them together I’ll have the full movie?

Judge a Book By Its Cover

Do you like to read? I sure don’t, but if these books were at my local book store I might pick some of them up. I especially liked this one. Let me know which ones are your favorites.

Marrs Attacks

I met Chris through my buddy Spencer. He is a pretty cool guy when he’s not making jokes about my mom. Aside from that he’s a talented guy. I guess the words he would use to describe what he does are creator, producer, writer, and host. He runs a pretty kick ass site about…well nothing life shattering, but it’s entertaining. That is why I am awarding him the second ever Complete Waste of Time award. Again, I always mean that in the best way ever.


He’s even got his own little show with the first episode premiering this Friday with Taking Back Sunday, a totally kick ass band. Please don’t send me messages about whether the show will be available on Friday or Sunday. I will be obligated to call you a tool. Check out his site!