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Faster than a speeding bullet.

In celebration of its upcoming browser release, which is set to be a great speed improvement, Firefox has been showing off other faster people (scroll down). Couldn’t they pick any cooler ways to display speed? Perhaps an athletic feat? I could upload a video to show off my speed, but I think that would just be embarassing to my manhood. Plus it would require an 18+ check on the website.

Back on topic. I’m excited for the final version of this browser to be released. Should be zippy.

Google Releases Browser…Tomorrow

Google jumped the gun and released a comic noting a product they haven’t released yet. They have a browser called Chrome in the works. It’s based on Webkit and Firefox. Well, they admitted to their little mistake and it looks like we will see this tomorrow. You can check it out here on the Official Google Blog. This is a good kick to the nuts of Microsoft mostly. I believe Google aspires, not to control the web, but to have enough influence to ensure no one other single entity can dictate it.

Procrastination at Work

I have an addiction, and I’m sure many of you share this same addiction. The Internet is far too entertaining. With YouTube, Digg, Facebook, and many other sites, it’s hard to get stuff done. There are days I hardly get anything done. Those days I call weekdays. I kid. It doesn’t take much for us to admit that we all waste time at work when there is Internet available. As long as you’re being honest with yourself (and use Firefox), you can also fix your problem.

For those of you that don’t have access to enable content filtering on your firewall, you can install Leechblock, a Firefox extension which allows you to create a list of websites and set time restraints on when you can access them. You can even lock yourself out of the options during the time restraints. This still doesn’t stop you from disabling the extension or opening Safari, but it’s a start. If everyone installed this and used it during work, we could probably pull our economy out of the hole.