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Cataratas Iguazu

After a weak of binge eating and drinking in Buenos Aires, we headed north to Iguazu. It’s a national park between Brazil and Argentina, and it houses the Iguazu waterfalls. Think Niagara Falls but not commercial and sucky.

Thanks to my friend Grace, we got upgraded to a falls view room at the Sheraton. It’s more expensive than other hotels, but it’s the only hotel in the park.

This is what we got to see from our balcony.

The zoom.

I was sad that I did not get to see monkeys.

The park consists of trails and catwalks that take you through the jungle andaround the falls. Michelle is standing over one of the smaller falls. It’s still pretty scary to look down over the edge on these small ones.

There’s wildlife of course. I forget what these are called, but they pretty much work like raccoons and squirrels in Yosemite. They try to hang out in lunch areas and steal human food.

You can see these guys lying in the sun all over the place too.

The falls are beautiful. It’s like looking at a scene of Pandora. Michelle said, “The only thing that could make this better is if the water was blue.”

If you’re brave you can even get on a boat and get closer to the falls.

We were brave.

I’m completely drenched right now. Mostly from waterfall, some pee.

Here we are at The Devil’s Throat. Behind us in Brazil.

This is just a piece of The Devil’s Throat. The only way to truly see how immense and powerful it is, is to be there in person. We do have video too, but we will save that for another time.

Play hard. Work even harder.

Saturday we decided to go hiking in the foothills of the mountains to look for some waterfall, where you can dive into the water. I had no idea there would be almost twenty of us hiking.

Here are at the beginning of our 3 mile round trip hike.

We’re following the leader, the leader, the leader… Unfortunately the different leaders we had took us the wrong way twice. It turned out to be an extreme hike, lasting 4.5 hours.

We thought this helicopter was for us, but they were air lifting someone else off the trails.

Two of the jumpers calculating their jump. Yes, there is water down there.

Larry, being extreme. He better tuck those arms in before he slams into the water and bruises his arms.

The next day we really wanted to get out so, we invited some friends over. Tender Greens was closed so we went to the same pizza joint we always go to had a few slices.

We were having a good time having some drinks when I got a phone call from work. The office flooded.

This is after the water came down from half an inch in the entire office.

Paper towels that did their job. They absorbed water. Unfortunately there was a lot more water.

A whole mess of power strips that got messed up in the water. You can see one actually shorted and caught on fire, but fortunately there was water to put it out.

We spent all day using steam cleaners to suck the water out of the carpet. Finally the professionals came in with the big guns. We’ve still got a lot of water in the floors and walls, and we found out our neighbors got a lot of water through the wall we share.

We moved some of the employees out to one of the dryer rooms. It’s a LAN party!