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Soda Free

It was about two years ago that I switched from regular Coke to Diet Coke. Now I’ve given up soda completely. There’s no particular reason for it other than thinking it’s probably healthier to drunk water. I can honestly say I don’t miss it.

What other vices can I give up? No, beer is not an option. Beer is the nectar of the gods and makes me irresistible and charming to the whole world.

Drinking like a fish

Nope, this post isn’t about booze for once. It’s a question about drinking water, good old H2O. I know if you’re drinking gallons and gallons of water without replenishing electrolytes you can die, but on a normal day where you are eating also, is there such a thing as too much water?

On a given day at work, I drink a lot of water. To put this into terms everyone can understand, I probably drink over a dozen of these at work. This is just at work.


Relax, earth lovers. I don’t drink out of plastic bottles.

Based on reading I’ve done, this is about three times the daily recommended water intake, but I’m always thirsty. I’m not eating extremely hot or salty foods that make me want to drink more water, but I just can’t figure out why I always want to drink. My body isn’t just absorbing all the water. I take frequent trips to the restroom. I’m pretty much paid to pee.

Any brilliant minds want to guess at why my garden needs so much water?

How to Motivate for Weight Loss

You think if I got my weight down to 125 pounds I could get this to go 1 foot/second? That would still be pretty awesome.

Suicide Pact

All Nerds Can Swim

I have two cousins graduating from MIT this June and one more going in this fall. Yeah, they’re all pretty much going to eclipse me in the business world within six months out of school. That’s okay. I’m the funny cousin. Anyway, one thing I learned recently about MIT is that all of the students have to pass a swim test in order to graduate. They require two full laps around the perimeter of an Olympic-sized swimming pool without touching the bottom or the sides. I can think of a few of my friend that would not have degrees if they had to pass a swim test.

Still, I think it’s odd that a school that prides itself on its brain power would require a swim test to graduate. Pasty nerds don’t even like to get near the water whether it’s the beach or neighborhood pool. Computers don’t survive wet conditions. This makes me wonder how many MIT alumni are involved in drowning deaths each year.

I wonder if they offer swim tests between the months of November and February. That would be intense.