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Marrs Attacks

I met Chris through my buddy Spencer. He is a pretty cool guy when he’s not making jokes about my mom. Aside from that he’s a talented guy. I guess the words he would use to describe what he does are creator, producer, writer, and host. He runs a pretty kick ass site about…well nothing life shattering, but it’s entertaining. That is why I am awarding him the second ever Complete Waste of Time award. Again, I always mean that in the best way ever.


He’s even got his own little show with the first episode premiering this Friday with Taking Back Sunday, a totally kick ass band. Please don’t send me messages about whether the show will be available on Friday or Sunday. I will be obligated to call you a tool. Check out his site!

My First Web 2.0 Badge

I feel like a true blogger with the creation of my first badge. I give you the “Complete Waste of Time” badge. This is meant in the best way possible. Sometimes you just don’t want to be productive. Sites that help you accomplish this will be rewarded with this badge.


The first site to get this prestigious award is GetDrunker.com, a site created by one of my buddies with too much time on his hands. This site absolutely and completely embodies the spirit of this award. After perusing the liquor cabinet, getting drunk, passing out, and recovering the next day from a hangover, you have truly wasted a lot of time. Bravo, sir!

Desktop Tower Defense

I posted last week about some games that got their start from Desktop Tower Defense. Little did I know that the original game was updated by the creators. I love this game. I currently have the game open in a separate browser tab. When I think no one is looking, I play for twenty seconds at a time. I think I should be able to finish a game by the end of the day. Start a game for yourself.

Maximizing the Weekend

I’ve heard it time and time again. Where did the weekend go? There are just so many things that suck up time during the oh so valuable weekend. Fortunately, preparing meals will no longer get in the way of my busy weekend schedule of watching full seasons of The Office. My TiVo will take care of my nutritional sustinence provisions. Now if only I could get my PS3 to answer the door and my Wii to tip the delivery guy.

The Plural of LEGO is LEGO.

It’s Friday! I think I’ll try to post something every Friday for all of you to start your weekend early from the office.

Everyone loves LEGO. It is a big toy among geeks, especially the Mindstorm series of LEGO products. Now you can have LEGO at work too without the messy block cleanup with their LEGO Digital Designer. Let me know what you guys build.