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Alcohol is my anti-drug.

I took some of the photos off my camera finally, including some additional photos from Labor Day Weekend in San Diego.

Yes, Asians like to mentally challenge themselves even when drinking. The whole back rows are hard liquor.

I don’t know what happened here, whether we played half court beer pong or just made a hybrid flip pong game.

We need to switch to weed from this point out. No one will get hangovers, and the trip would be so much cheaper. We wouldn’t have to do anything. We would just sit around and laugh at the screensaver. Food bills might get high though.

Why would you do this?

There is no reason for this product to exist.

In Russia, Alcohol Prohibits You!

This is absolutely brilliant. Smugglers brought cheap Russian Vodka into Estonia via a hidden pipeline they built to escape import fees. This is way cooler than Michelle’s sister sneaking in an ice tea bottle full of whiskey into a bar and mixing drinks in the bathroom. The quality is probably about the same after travelling the pipeline.

The best part is that the vodka was so shitty they had to pawn it off on a college city. I know back in my college days I would have partaken in this as long as it got be drunk.