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Google is Punkin’ Me

Seriously, what happened on December 29th? This is most confusing.

Global Roll Call

I’m sure most of you that visit this site regularly do not pay attention to anything other than the main content. It’s the same for myself. I did happen to click on my ClustrMaps today and noticed I have a few holes in my visitor’s locations. Antarctica doesn’t even show up on the map, but I’m sure the visitors are zero to few. It is my goal to get Moron Enterprises known on every continent. We’re going global!

Antarctica and Africa could be tough. I don’t believe there is a high concentration of Internet users on either of these continents as lions and penguins don’t have Internet access. Maybe if I write about Antarctica’s research stations or South Africa’s nature reserves, I will pop onto someone’s radar.

I know where most of my readers are from currently as they are people that I know outside of the Internet. I know it’s strange to think I have friends outside of the Internet, but it’s true. For the rest of you that stumble across my website, let me know where you’re visiting from as it’s always nice to know. I’ve made it easy by adding a contact form.