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Star Wars by Amateurs

Someone took on an enterprising project of splitting the entire original Star Wars movie into 15-second clips and asking Vimeo users to recreate the scenes themselves. There are only three completed scenes so far, but I’m super excited to see this come to completion. It’s great because it allows you to view the original clip when you look at the recreated clip.

Does that mean if I download all the original clips and put them together I’ll have the full movie?

Flash on the Boob Tube

If you clicked to my website because of the title, you are going to be sorely disappointed. Well maybe you won’t be if you are a huge nerd. Ars Technica is running an article about Internet ready televisions getting access to an optimized Flash for HD content. Today is the day we start to ditch cable and make all data and media Internet based. If only we could get those assholes at the ISPs to stop looking at bandwidth caps and bandwidth throttling as a legitimate means to earn more money so we can deliver more content via means like this.