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My Plan to Succeed in Life

Most people work hard and excel above the rest of the crowd. Unfortunately I am not smart or talented enough to do this. Instead I will knock everyone down to my level. I give you, 101 Free Games! While you are busy playing these games, I will be doing a mediocre job, but your inattentive performance will pale in comparison to my lackluster performance.

Sick at Home

I went to work yesterday feeling a little stuffy. As the day progressed, I got worse and worse. I stayed home today to recover. With my trusty Nintendo DS by my side, I am able to pass the time without having to get out of bed. Everyone should get one of these bad boys. Just ask my mom.

She got one for Christmas from my brother and me. We got it for her, because she is recently retired and wanted her to have some puzzle games to keep her mind sharp. So far, she has stayed up late every night. She said she went to an unusually long funeral service, which was in Mandarin with no translator. Since she was sitting in the back, she whipped out the DS. My mom is a gamer. Awesome.

The Economics of Fast Food

I ran across this online video game. In the game you run McDonald’s, not just the store front, but everything. From creating pastures and raising cattle for slaughter to hiring employees, you are in charge. You will quickly learn that you can create hamburgers without hormones, but McDonald’s officers will not be happy with your earnings. Learn about the seedy world of fast food in an entertaining way.