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Did you just call me a vagina? Thanks!

One day Michelle decided enough is enough.

Michelle: I’m tired of people using female anatomy to denote negative attributes. You’re a boob. Don’t be a pussy. It’s time society started thinking positive about women.
Me: Uh, okay?
Michelle: I’m going to make it a good thing. Matt, you’re so cool. You’re so vagina.

Next time you want to commend someone tell them they’re “so vagina.” Everyone’s homework assignment is to try this out in the work place and let me know how it goes.

I Totally Got Some Last Night…Online

I came across this image online, and I had to share it with you guys. This is the prototype controller for the Xbox 360 game, Vagina Hero. If the game is anything like the controller, it looks intense and confusing.

I can already imagine the posts in the support forums.

“So which of these buttons is the clitoris?”
“What’s this blue one do? Oh, for the love of god! Why?!”
“I figured an easy cheat in the game. Just press the red button as fast as you can to get a high score.”
“Am I supposed to play this game with my hands?”

Is Someone Making Fish?

Disclaimer: All the links in this post are to SFW (safe for work) content, but the links on the following pages contain links that are NSFW.

The gem I stumbled upon is cologne from Germany, but it’s not just any cologne. It’s supposed to be the essence of femininity in a bottle. This is brilliant. European people smell so bad as it is that they probably think this smells great. Once they build up a good customer base, they can switch their supplier from an army of spread-legged women to the local fish cannery. I doubt this will take off in the United States based on these reviews, although I doubt Chelsea is the target marketplace. I bet this is the first time in a long time that the scent of va-jay-jay has wafted in the air there.