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Business Idea: Brown Party Bus

We have a great working relationship with our UPS driver. When he had some issues with work due to no fault of his own, we wrote a letter to his boss to put a good word in for him. He has given us his cell phone number in case we need to get a package shipped out later than normal pickup time or delivered before normal time. If I am around when he shows up I chat with him, and our conversations have come up with some great business ideas, most of them actually not involving the shipment of drugs.

If you’ve ever seen a UPS driver during the summer months, he is sweating. Why? The trucks they drive are essentially ovens. They are dark brown, so they absorb the sun’s heat and hold it inside. So we’ve come up with the idea of slow cooking meats in the truck and selling them at delivery stops. Put a smoker box in the truck and pipe a vent out the exhaust and you’re set. Who wouldn’t want a rack of slow cooked ribs delivered to them?

Winters would be great for delivering ice cream. Attach a speaker and play ice cream truck music and the employees will come running.  Lawsuits from children getting run over by UPS trucks might be on the rise though.

Just this week our driver came to pick up packages and Sublime was blaring from his truck. As I approached I noticed he was grooving and singing along as he was tossing packages around. I told him Friday he should show up with a karaoke machine and tequila and throw happy hours inside his truck.

UPS. Now catering and hosting parties.