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overvalue – to assign too high a value to



I stopped into a 7-11 this weekend and saw this. I know there are people buying up these things and holding on to them like they’re worth a million dollars. Does anyone remember the baseball card industry? Topps, Donruss, Fleer, and Bowman? Any of these ring any bells?

It’s highly unlikely that we’re going to see any individuals financially hurt when the Obama market crashes, but seriously. Will people never learn?

Elections Reality Check

If you are young and not a Democrat, you have no heart. If you are old and not a Republican, you have no brain.

I have no heart.

Obama is a great orator, but I don’t buy what he says. He promises things that are going to be tough to accomplish and other things that are not even feasible. Perhaps he should spend more time watching our country instead of writing speeches. I would like to point out some of these things to those caught up in the Obama mob. This is not meant to sway your vote necessarily, but I hope it would at least shed some light on how the world really runs.

The first fifteen minutes of Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech was rhetoric. It was absolutely brilliant to distance himself away from the Bush administration with anti-Bush sentiment being so popular, but for anyone who thinks that George Bush or any other president is responsible for the ups and downs of the economy or oil prices, you have absolutely no grasp on the economy. While policy changes can make minute differences, there is no president that can take credit for the kind of upward surge during Clinton’s administration, nor the downward surge during Bush’s administration. Watch the presidential term that starts four years from now. That president will look like a hero for bringing up our economy and without doing a single thing.

Barack commented that we should have the UN get involved in the Russia invasion of Georgia. It takes a single veto to turn down any mission. Guess who holds one of those veto votes? Russia. It is things like this that make me wonder how much he understands how things work.

The Senator’s energy plan to remove reliance on foreign oil sounds excellent, but his method of execution would kill us from an economical standpoint. He does not want any drilling done. That’s going to make America pay through the nose while we ween ourselves of foreign oil dependency. I believe we need to drill in the interim while we develop these alternative fuel sources. We can’t afford not to drill during his projected ten year plan. Since he has a no drilling policy, he has his excuse for rising costs on everything during his term and possible second term, because fuel will be up the whole time he is in office.

Obama mentioned over and over that he wants to rebuild America and that the people of America have to give back as well to make our nation great. I do not share the same trust in the American people that he does. The American people are stupid and as a result, they are poor. Handouts given by the government will be used with no payback to the government, and the poor will remain poor.

The reason I think most people don’t understand this is that most people that are young and interested in politics have jobs, where they don’t encounter the blue collar worker. These people are America. My office is comprised of about 70% of these people. I know what their incomes are, and they cannot save money if their lives depended on it. It’s not a matter of not making enough money. To put it bluntly, they are dumb and there is no amount of government intervention that is going to help them out.

So do we just stop helping people altogether? I don’t think we can accomplish that, but these programs are so ingrained into our government, it would be impossible to stop them. I would love to privatize a lot of programs we have as there is no incentive for the government to be efficient when it is the only game in town. Obama has proposed that he will look at our budget line by line and remove programs that are inefficient and aren’t cutting it. If you look at his voting record, he has voted to approve most of these inefficient programs. I don’t trust his judgement to actually get us more money out of the existing funds, nor do I trust his judgement to put the money into the right places if he does find it.

Healthcare has been a big issue, and it’s definitely a tough one to tackle. I would love to have healthcare plans for everyone, but I just don’t see where the money is coming from to allow that. Obama mentioned that he would help out small businesses by lowering costs to the business in providing healthcare. In his next sentence he said for everyone else, he would make sure the government took care of their healthcare. What reason does any business owner have to even try to offer healthcare benefits if the government says they will do it?

Senator Obama does not seem to get how the world runs. Money. Talking about how things should be is not realistic. We are talking about how things really are in the world. If he is elected president and starts to pull incentives away from large corporations, watch how the corporations pull their money away from America. These companies have bottom lines to deal with and if America won’t work with them, they will put their money elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong here. My voting preference leans towards the candidate that I believe will look after number one, me. I am no McCain fan either, but I tend to lean towards the Republican stance on how the world runs. It runs from the top down. I think too much is afforded to the wealthy currently, but I believe throwing money in the form of programs aimed at lower income citizens is a black hole. Put the money where it’s going ot be managed properly.

I believe in Barack Obama’s sincerity in wanting to help our country. I don’t believe in the people of America. I would love to be proven wrong on this, but at this point I am not willing to risk my vote. That being said, I don’t believe Obama can lose this election unless he is caught smoking weed while molesting children and hanging out with terrorists. He’s got everyone that caught up in the hype.

At this point and time, my vote does not lie with Obama. If you have noticed, he has changed his stance on the Iraq occupation to almost match McCain’s stance. If he is to be believed on his new position, perhaps he can change his stance on some of his other positions. I will be watching, for there is no love for either candidate currently in my book.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

It’s just before 1:30 AM right now, and I just finished watching the United States beat Spain for the Olympic Gold in men’s basketball. That was an exciting game, nail biter right up until the last minute of the game. The United States did not play exceptionally well, and although we led for most of the game, Spain definitely had us on our heels for a good part of the game. I am very impressed with the 17-year old point guard for Spain, Ricky Rubio. He is incredibly talented even though he did have a bit of a breakdown towards the end. What can you expect? He’s a kid on the international stage of the biggest sporting event in the world. While the United States has the premier basketball league in the NBA, I would not be surprised to see more and more countries challenge our prowess on the hard wood. Still, much props to USA’s Men’s Basketball Redeem Team and Coach K.