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We’re having a girl!

At least I’m pretty sure the baby’s a girl. I know what I saw. For whatever reason, the doctor and the ultrasound technician will only say that’s what they think they saw. They won’t say definitively that it’s a girl. Regardless, we will be referring to our baby as she and her. If we are wrong, Michelle and I will have a great story to tell to our son when he has all his high school friends over.¬†It’s this story all over again.

It’s a…

Michelle had a special doctor’s appointment today with the high resolution ultrasound. We’re not at eighteen weeks just yet, but we thought we might be able to determine the gender.

Our baby looks healthy and was moving the arms and kicking the legs like crazy. The baby either really loves the vegetable juice Michelle drank before the appointment or really hates it.¬†Unfortunately the gender results were inconclusive. The ultrasound technician didn’t want to give a firm answer of her guess. As far as we know, it’s a girl…or he takes after his father. Heyo!

Michelle was a little bit disappointed not to be able to determine the gender. She was really hoping to see genitalia today. I told her the day’s not over yet. Double heyo!

Our baby is waving hello!

Who’s your daddy?

If the video wasn’t self explanatory, I was not hiding in some random woman’s ultrasound appointment. I’m going to be a dad! Michelle is going to be a mom! A young Padawan is on the way!