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One of these blog posts is a lie.

I’m sure you’ve all seen Michelle’s latest post. I’m also sure you’ve seen one of her latest Twitter posts.


I’d like to offer a different side to the story, a tale of deception and corruption. This is the story of a blogger gone bad.

Michelle: I need to blog more, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to come up with good ideas.
Me: Well you just need one good idea to get you out of your slump and back in the game.
Michelle: What should I write about, computers?
Me: Don’t be ridiculous. Most of your readers are girls. You should be writing about things like delicious Thanksgiving dinners. Wait! I got it. Let’s stage an engagement. You can milk it for a couple years, write about wedding stuff too. Girls will eat that stuff up!
Michelle: That’s a great idea! Our families will be kind of mad when they find out, but it’s a small price to pay for blogger fame. Our story will have to be intricate.
Me: Don’t worry. I’ve got it covered. I’m going to work up this video and people will be so caught up in it that they won’t realize it’s old footage from “The Wonder Years” and by the time anyone figures out, we’ll be on our way to Mexico.
Michelle: Muahahahahahaha! Come on, do the evil laugh with me!
Me: Muahahahhaha!

Or I could just be in love…you decide.

A Sure Beats Work Hero

Elliot Kember is a true role model for those of you trying not to overachieve at work. He has created an Adobe Air application that hides Twitter in a format that makes it look like an Excel spreadsheet. Go grab your copy of Spreadtweet and add me as a friend on Twitter.

Back on the Twitter Bandwagon

Despite all the craziness involved with the operations of Twitter, I have decided to start using it again. You know what they say. If you fall of the whale, you get right back on again. So you can check out my Tweets in the sidebar to see exactly what I’m up to at any given time.