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Things to do in PV.

It’s been just over two months since we moved away from LA and settled into the hillside of Palos Verdes. We’ve definitely prepared more of our own meals as going out no longer means walking down the street into Downtown Culver City. Still we’ve managed to find a few local things to entertain ourselves.

This is the Trump driving range. No denim is allowed on the driving range, which I think is ridiculous for being in Southern California. Still it’s a great driving range, where you can hit off of grass. It costs $30 for all day driving. While that’s a bit steep, you can start in the morning, take a lunch break in the clubhouse, and finish up in the afternoon.

There isn’t much that stays open on PV past 9:30 PM, so bars are out of the question, except at Terranea. Nelson’s is situated right along the coast, and it offers fantastic sunset views. I hate the food here having tried it on multiple occasions, but they have some decent craft brews on tap. I’m always happy to settle for a couple pints and some scenery.

Palos Verdes has a very active community that is committed to preserving the land on the hill in its natural state. That means there is a large canyon behind our house with trails for hiking. Michelle and I decided that we needed to do this, and so we hiked up, up, and up. I believe we made it up the whole Palos Verdes hillside, and that is when we decided we don’t like hiking.

In short, we’ve only got a couple more things to do on the PV checklist before we run out. So please come visit us. Thanks.