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We are Star Wars.

There are good things about going home for a visit and there are bad things. The good things are being able to stay all day and do four loads of laundry for free. The down side is that each time I go I have to clean up some of my old stuff. My mom is determined to have me moved out completely this summer. I prefer to call my old room the Matt Shrine and Exhibition and leave it exactly how I last left it.

Digging through my closet, my mom ran across these. Michelle gave these to me a long time ago. She wants to throw them away. Throw them away? They’re us! Star Wars! M’s! There couldn’t be a more fitting set of toys for us.

Strike them down and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete.

Like a Big Kid

Although I have yet to do more than two hours of work here in my home office, I have it all set up for me to be productive. It’s very apparent which side of the office is my side and which side of the office is Michelle’s side.

This is a set of items I have on my desk. They are my Star Wars bobble heads. Except for the egregious error of placing a Boba Fett name plate onto a Greedo figurine, these are perfect. I know they’re both bounty hunters that chased after Han Solo, but seriously George Lucas. Get your product marketing shit together.

This is the other toy I have sitting on my desk. It’s called O-no Sushi and is based off this artwork by Andrew Bell, the artist behind The Creatures in my Head. I don’t know why I like his artwork so much, but it’s captivating to me. I’m glad his company is the one in charge of making the Android figurines. It’s just too bad I can’t get my hands on these damn things. They’re sold out everywhere.

Let’s get some work fun done

Life in a Box

We have a renter for the old house. It all happened so quickly. Within a week we had a renter and had to clean up the old house in a hurry. Digging through all the old stuff I found some cool things. I dug up my baseball cards and comic books, which are completely worthless.

These bring back so many memories. If the house wasn’t already a mess, and I didn’t fear my mom, I would break these bad boys open and start playing in the living room.

The icing on the cake. The Millennium Falcon. My brother and I were pretty spoiled, because even though the box says, ACTION FIGURES SOLD SEPARATELY, we had all of those as well.

Not everything growing up was nerdy. I was also a star athlete.

Just to prove I’m not taking credit for my brother’s accomplishments.

Twenty Two Years of Junk

The furniture is now all moved into the new house, except for a few smaller pieces of furniture. Everything else fits into boxes, and man there are a lot of boxes. We’ve moved Christmas lights, school awards, photo albums, and toys. I have a box full of comic books, boxes of Transformers, and boxes full of Star Wars action figures. We can’t bring ourselves to toss these out.

Then there are the LEGO boxes. There are boxes and boxes of LEGO blocks and sets. I stumbled across this site. This guy makes a living being a LEGO arms dealer. This almost makes me want to break out the LEGO sets and start building all over again. The only problem is that I would be known as the 27 year old guy that lives at home with his parents, has multiple fish tanks, and still play with LEGO. I think I’ll just stick to being the 27 year old guy that lives at home with his parents and has multiple fish tanks and save myself a little dignity.

Spy vs. Spy

Cameras are getting smaller and smaller so it only makes sense to turn them into hidden cameras. Sneak one into the sorority house, but make sure you get something that won’t fog up. Those naked pillow fights can get pretty steamy. If you want to catch the audio, this is the device for you. Slip your SIM card into this unit and call your number. Sit back and listen to the squeals of delight from the sexy coeds.

I am in no way condoning the use of these devices for spying on those you love. If you’re spying on someone, you already don’t trust them. Plus it just lets too many skeletons out of the closet. Michelle doesn’t need to know about my operatic performances in the nude when I feed my fish. I don’t need to know about the shrine she built for me in her closet, tucked behind a row of sweaters, but that’s because I already know about it.

Internet Fact Finding Mission

Why do people wear ties in the white collar world? It makes no sense and really isn’t a great fashion statement. It’s like tail for your neck. Who would have thought that the Japanese would be the ones to make a tie that has useful purpose. I just don’t know who would want the butt cooler. Isn’t that just going to release odors from the chair? Still, I’d be willing to try it while in the nude.

After keeping cool all day at the office, you may want to melt off some pounds in a sauna. Who can afford one? Everyone! That is a great idea. It’s an over sized garment bag with a hot pot filled with water in it. I wouldn’t be allowed to have one of these, because I am not mature enough to not lock people in this.

Have you ever wondered who the silhouette is in iPod commercials that looks like he’s made of rubber? Maybe you’ve seem this same mysterious rubber man in other commercials. If you’ve been on the Internet for any amount of time, you’ve probably already seen him.

Well, I’ve wasted everyone’s time now, but you really only have yourself to blame. You have an Internet addiction. Fear not, for it is a curable affliction. Just head over to China and free yourself from the sticky tangles of the World Wide Web.

Things to Do and Buy

How many times have you tried to peel a potato, only to have it slip out of your hands and go sliding across the floor? Then when you grip it tighter, you can’t get around your fingers without scratching and slicing your knuckles. Those days are gone, my friends. We now have Tater Mitts! These are just not recommended for people with jock itch, athletes foot, or chronic nose pickers, although if you’re preparing food in the kitchen, you should probably keep your hands off those places anyway.

Kyung sent me this link. Now I can begin to fulfill one of the life goals I have set for myself (see bottom of website). I just have to find the time to read the website to figure out what kind of beer I want to make first. If this pans out for me, I will be opening a bar in my parents’ home. Until then we are a slave to other people that make the sweet nectar of the gods.