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Hot Wheels at LACMA?

There is a possibility that this is coming to LACMA in the near future? I need to see this. This is way better than the LA Auto Show.


Must be lonely frozen in carbonite. All alone. Solo.


LEGO has fulfilled so many childhood hours with play time. They’re now demanding more of my time by releasing badass figurines from Star Wars. I may just give them some of that time.

Anyone want to loan me a couple hundred grand to build the Star Wars galaxy? Yes, I need that much money. Do you know how many Storm Troopers, Clone Troopers, and Battle Droids there are in the universe?

Build-A-Bear just got a whole lot cooler.

I never understood having children’s parties at Build-A-Bear…until now.

Thank you for blurring the lines between gender segregation. This is my safety line in case we have daughters. Now I will be able to lure them to The Dark Side. It starts with Star Wars teddy bears. Then, limited edition action figures.

Chewbacca must be the worst Star Wars Build-A-Bear character ever.

The Plural of LEGO is LEGO.

It’s Friday! I think I’ll try to post something every Friday for all of you to start your weekend early from the office.

Everyone loves LEGO. It is a big toy among geeks, especially the Mindstorm series of LEGO products. Now you can have LEGO at work too without the messy block cleanup with their LEGO Digital Designer. Let me know what you guys build.

Ice Around Ronald McDonald’s Neck

This is what McDonald’s now has for their Happy Meal toys. Nothing says hip hop like the Big Mac.

I hear the next toy out in the series is an icy grill.