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Twenty Stupid Questions

I was practically passing out while driving home, so I asked Michelle to wake up and keep me awake. She sat up and ten minutes later after I had almost run off the road three more times she said, “Okay let’s play a game.” The game we decided on was Twenty Questions. For those of you that don’t know how this game is played, one person thinks of something and the other person has twenty yes/no questions to figure out what was selected.

Me: Is it living?
Michelle: Umm, no.
Me: Wait, you don’t know if it’s living?

Me: Is it bigger than a bread box?
Michelle: It can be.

Me: Is it electronic?
Michelle: It can be.
Me: What? It can be?!
Michelle: Yeah, sometimes.

Me: Is it a video game?
Michelle: Sometimes
Me: Huh? How is that possible?

Michelle: You lose! It’s Hello Kitty!
Me: How is that electronic or a video game?
Michelle: They make big and small Hello Kitty and make them electronic too. They also have Hello Kitty video games.
Me: What the hell? I can say there’s a tree video game!

I think she missed the point of this game, but it worked. I was no longer sleepy. Instead I was angry and felt cheated.

This post marks the creation of a new category, dedicated to posts about my famous girlfriend, Michelle Woo. The category label? She’ So Lucky.

Whiny Little Bitch

I was planning to skip out a little bit early today. I had a valid excuse, right? I was awake since 5:00 AM and working since 5:30 AM. Leaving an hour early or two wouldn’t be so bad.

As I was implementing my escape from the office, it came to my attention that our truck was still out making deliveries. The last delivery was the customer I started at this morning, and the person waiting for the delivery was the very same person that was waiting for my morning arrival.

Wait a second. Tons of people work long hours. I should just be glad this isn’t my life every day. That’s what I should have done. Instead my whole office got to hear me say, “Man, it’s hitting me now. I’m feeling the lack of sleep. Hopefully I can drive home without falling asleep at the wheel.”

Yup. I’m a…well you can read the title.

I’m Old

There’s really no denying it. The biking incident that rendered my rear useless is just one of the examples. Tonight I had the choice to go out or stay in, and staying in looked really good, especially after the accidental nap I took after dinner. I was forced out by Michelle and her sister to Musha. I’m glad I got out. It gave me energy just to be out. I should really push myself in other things as well. Who knows what I’m capable of but too tired to just try?

Having Serious Doubts

I’ve started my journey to doing 100 consecutive pushups. I am looking at the amount of pushups I have done so far and thinking about how much I’ve struggled. I am now wondering if this is even possible. I went back to the site to make sure I was doing things correctly. I’veĀ  completed day two of week one tonight, and I can’t lift my arms to type. I can feel tiredness and soreness shoot up my arms for every key press as I type. Can anyone in any sort of decent physical shape confirm that it’s supposed to be this hard?


My neck hurts. I think my brain is too heavy for my neck.