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It’s like Disneyland for Michelle.

It’s no secret that Michelle loves hot sauce. She pours it onto her meals generously. When her eyes are watering and nose is running, she will tell you she feels alive. While strolling through the farmers’ market at The Grove we stumbled across this store.

It’s nothing but hot sauce and hot sauce related products. They sell bottles of hot sauce, jarred peppers, pepper powder, spicy peanuts, and spicy popcorn.

There are signs inside that say no photos, but I’m sneaky like that. Check out this store if you’re at The Grove. The sauces have hilarious names, many involving burning sensitive areas of your body.

Every hot sauce is labeled on a heat scale from 1-10, but there are even a few 10++ items on the shelves. Just to gauge what we were getting ourselves into, we asked the store owner what Tabasco would rank on his scale. He said it would be about a 5. Showing us around, he was telling us the people in China and Taiwan love the 10++ bottles. They can’t get anything like that locally, so whenever he takes a trip he takes a case of the hot stuff to distribute to the locals. It seemed like he had experience with his products, telling us some of the hot sauces were carrot based and others were tomato based, giving them completely different tastes. We decided to stick with a 7 on the heat scale, and Michelle has been happy with that choice especially since I started doing more cooking. I just make sure she at least tastes my food before she smothers it in hot sauce.