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Black Tuesday Party

One week ago I got the opportunity to attend The Bruery’s Black Tuesday Release Party. My wife takes me to all the best places, and in return I am her arm candy. It’s an absolute win-win situation.

I really like The Bruery’s beers and think they do an excellent job of not sticking to the traditional. They produce some delicious beers. The people that work there are also super nice and very approachable.

I still have no idea how I convinced my friend and cousin to let me pick up their bottles of Black Tuesday, which led to this.

Black Tuesday? Nope. Friday I’m in love!

I can’t believe my friend and cousin trusted me to pick up their bottles. That’s the oldest trick in the book! Bowling for beer, anyone?

There was some confusion about whether I was allowed to pick up my friend’s bottles. Fortunately I was in a beer store, so I shopped while they sorted it out.

I think it’s about time I invested in a 29mm capper with some caps.

Tuesday never looked so delicious.