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Time for Thai

Thai food was always something I ordered when I went to UCLA and was too lazy to go out to get my own food. It was delivered, inexpensive, and it satisfied my need for something greasy. Today that taste for Thai carries on, but I will go to get it, and I hope it’s not nearly as greasy as my college days. That’s what brought me to Renu Nakorn Restaurant in Norwalk.

Crispy rice salad. This dish is awesome. It’s very light but with full flavor and a great crunchy texture from the onions and rice.

Eggplant and tofu.

Pineapple Fried Rice. This is always a classic from my college days.

Duck Curry. I really enjoy Thai curries, much more so than Japanese or Indian style curries. Add duck to the mix, and I am a happy camper. When the fat makes its way into the already creamy sauce, it’s fantastic.

Whole fried fish.

Drunken Noodle Seafood. I never know why they call noodles drunken. Perhaps it is because you have to be inebriated to consume them. To be safe I had a couple beers while enjoying this dish.

Barbecued pork. I went to town on this dish. There is very little done to the pork and rightly so. A meat’s own fat is flavor enough, and this pork had plenty of flavor.

Things I’ve Eaten Recently

Here are some things I’ve eaten recently that don’t deserve their own posts.

Gyenari for happy hour. I really like the ginger ribs. It’s not the best rib meat you’ll have by any means, but it’s a sweet bite.

The Original Thai BBQ Restaurant. I wonder if it really is the original.

Carne con Chile Verde at El Compadre in Echo Park. Despite the fact that I had to use my Droid as a flashlight to take a picture, this is good gringo Mexican food.

What are really good at El Compadre are the Flaming Margaritas.

Sometimes the simplest meals are the best.  Mabo tofu.

I think I’ve gained all the wedding weight loss back and more.

Happy Ending at a Thai Place

I’ve been missing in action on my blog. I’ve had to attend a couple memorial services for people that passed away far too young, one of these services being in Michigan. It’s been a physically and emotionally exhausting week, but I’m starting to kick back into action.

I’m way behind on my meals. Over a week ago Michelle and I decided to stop into Swanya Thai. The place is what you would expect for a restaurant on the west side. It’s clean, modern looking and definitely not as raw in appearance as a place like Jitlada.

Just don’t confuse it with the massage joint next door with the same name.

Crying Tiger Pork. The sauce is great and I do love working for my meal, and the lightly charred pork provides that texture.

Shrimp in red curry.

Chicken curry.

Duck in red curry. This one is awesome. The creaminess of the curry is only enhanced by the oil from the duck meat. I could eat this dish every day.

Swanya Thai is the cross between your takeout Thai places and the more coarse flavors you might find in Thai Town restaurants. I think it does justice to real Thai food while offering flavors that are inviting enough for even the most unadventurous customers. I enjoyed it so much the first time I went that I went again that same week.

They let you choose how spicy you want your food on a scale from 1-5. Picking a 3 gives it a subtle kick to it while keeping it bearable and making sure your butthole doesn’t get revenge on you later that day,  something that cannot be said about some of the other Thai spots in Thai Town.

Michelle checked out the massage place one afternoon and said it was good. Five massages and you get a free meal next door. That would definitely be a happy ending.

Don’t be mad at us Noodle Club

Now that we’re done with premarital counseling, we will never have another fight ever again. Woohoo! More importantly we get our Thursdays back for Noodle Club! Michelle has already suggested our next meeting for Thai Boat Noodles, but she got so anxious and wanted to get some right away.

We’ve already had some awkwardness in the club with some members going to an official nominated location without the other members prior to our meeting, so I put my foot down. I insisted we had to get noodles at another place. So here is a similar place, Ord Noodle.

I forget what my soup was called. It was a little bit too sweet. Some chili oil would fix this dish up to my liking.

Thai Boat Noodles. This has a very Taiwanese taste to it. It’s good.

Crispy pork and rice.

Soup sans noodles.

This shrimp dish is good. It’s got a lot of heat.