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Interesting Web Finds

In my busy day at work I have found some time to bring you some news, because I know Moron Enterprises is where you all look for reputable news.

Prepare to get a kick to the nuts, Apple. Google’s Android platform will have its own application market. It is similar to the iPhone store, but it has more push towards open applications. Apple finally has some competition in the open development of applications with a centralized distribution means. More competition is better.

In other news, some of you may have to mourn the loss of tequila. With corn being a much more profitable crop as demand for bio fuel increases, farmers in Mexico are switching over to corn as their primary crop. This is no sad moment for me. Every time people bring up tequila, my stomach turns. There are no good experiences that I can recall that involve tequila. I’m sure the stories I do not recall are also bad ones.

People are always telling me that I should read more, and not just any reading. I should be reading real books. Unless the writing is on a computer screen, I can barely read. Give me a PDF manual for a piece of equipment and I can sit there and read it without any problems. Hand me a book or an actual user manual, and it’s snore town. Fortunately I found a great compromise, which allows me to read and get nothing done at work. I can now read at work.