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I want to live in a golden house.

Kyoto is great for those of you that love history, but because it’s an older city with more historical landmarks, there are tourists everywhere. The worst are the Chinese tourists. Remember how I said Japanese people are the nicest, most polite people ever? Chinese people are the complete opposite, loud and pushy.

The storm that had forced us indoors the day before was gone, and we were free to explore Kyoto and get some culture. While we like to see historical culture spots, that’s not why we wanted to visit Japan. I’m going to breeze on through these without much commentary.

I want a golden house on a lake.


One of the few pictures of us from the trip. Who wants to travel with us next time and take photos of us?

World’s largest rock garden. It kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? No? Me neither.

I asked her if there were cowboys and saloons in there. She stared blankly at me.

Some of the cherry blossoms were starting to bloom in Kyoto.

Hanging out river side.

While kimonos are pretty common in Kyoto, there is a section of Kyoto that is known for the geisha. It has become somewhat of a tourist spot as the geishas take on traditional service roles in restaurants, and tourists pay a lot of money for the experience. It’s been noted that tourists swamp these girls like the paparazzi. I am ashamed to say that I was not an exception. It’s no wonder why they speed walk to their work and sometimes sneak in via taxi. I bet this is what Kim Kardashian feels like. Well, you know, if she had a job.