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New Shades

Me: I bought some new sunglasses.
Mom: What happened to your old ones?
I still have them. These are the same brand as my other pair, but those are more for running around. These are for-
Mom: Fashion?
Me: Lifestyle. We prefer to call it lifestyle.
Mom: And just what lifestyle is that?
Me: Alternative? I don’t know. You know I just talk sometimes without thinking.

These are the sunglasses I bought. For some reason they were half the price a few weeks ago. Also, note to self: clean the mirror.

This is What Zoolander Must Feel Like

I promised you more pictures from the photo shoot. Here you go. The shoot was totally fun, and I can’t until next time to do it again.


Got some dirt on my shoulder. Could you brush it off for me?


When I joined the Galactic Empire I thought they’d give me a blaster. Instead I’m working with lawyers. This really is the Dark Side.


Breaking out of my shell.


Korean soap opera stars.


Legs as long as the days.


Who’s got all the money now?


I don’t have a caption for this one.

We Are Not Equal

Angie brought to my attention that Oakley makes a line of eye wear specifically for Asians. If you look at most of the features, they are noting that Asians are shovel faces. What’s that mean? Asian noses look like they’ve been met with the flat side of a shovel. Then you take a look at what they call the stems. At first you might be insulted that Oakley is saying that Asians have fat heads, but this is not the case. Asian heads are simply bursting with things like math and martial arts. That is why they are larger than our non Asian counterparts.

While Oakley appears to be going out of their way for their Asian customers, I’ll tell you that it’s a fair trade off. They’re cost of product is lower because they don’t have to use as much lens surface area in their glasses. The slant-eyed people can’t make full use of the lenses anyway. Don’t believe me? Think back to Biology in high school.

Every Asian kid in biology has asked, “How come everyone else’s microscope has a wider view angle than mine? I think my microscope is broken. Also, I think I had a bad specimen. I had all these worms moving around on my slide.”


Can anyone guess what happened here?