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This is my wedding too!

So things are falling in line for the wedding a piece at a time. One thing we haven’t decided is attire for the groomsmen. I’ve already been shot down for anything Star Wars related. (Seriously, I don’t even know why I’m invited to the wedding.) Since my attire from a galaxy far, far away isn’t going to fly I did the next best thing and started looking for suits and tuxedos by watching Mobsters.

Nothing says wedding like a bunch of well-dressed killers.

This is What Zoolander Must Feel Like

I promised you more pictures from the photo shoot. Here you go. The shoot was totally fun, and I can’t until next time to do it again.


Got some dirt on my shoulder. Could you brush it off for me?


When I joined the Galactic Empire I thought they’d give me a blaster. Instead I’m working with lawyers. This really is the Dark Side.


Breaking out of my shell.


Korean soap opera stars.


Legs as long as the days.


Who’s got all the money now?


I don’t have a caption for this one.