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This is What Zoolander Must Feel Like

I promised you more pictures from the photo shoot. Here you go. The shoot was totally fun, and I can’t until next time to do it again.


Got some dirt on my shoulder. Could you brush it off for me?


When I joined the Galactic Empire I thought they’d give me a blaster. Instead I’m working with lawyers. This really is the Dark Side.


Breaking out of my shell.


Korean soap opera stars.


Legs as long as the days.


Who’s got all the money now?


I don’t have a caption for this one.

How to Raise Children. Use (The) Force.

Times are tough. I’ve been thinking about whether I need a second income. We could all use a second income, but more work is not what you want. Lots of thinking and tearing out hair have led me to my answer. I am good with kids. I should start a day care center, but I’d have to had my own flair to personalize it.

Welcome to Star Wars Day Care!


Look at her, looking at my beer. “No, baby. That is grownup food.”


Is she grabbing my beer? I thought I said, “No.” Don’t worry. We have good ways to discipline children, involving the use of The Force. *Waves Hand* “You will take a nap.”

There’s nothing creepy about an almost 30 man, with no children of his own, running a science fiction themed day care. Sign up now. Spots are filling up fast.

Happy New Year, everyone! Keep it safe. See you in 2009!