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Helping the Economy, Not the Cool Factor


I’ve been freaking out over buying a house recently and realizing I can afford very little in the market. I told Michelle, “No more spending!” When she found out I passed up these bobble heads, she went ahead and bought them for me. It’s okay. We can be happy living with my parents forever.

That Classic Movie About Aliens. Coneheads?

I came home early today, because I felt like impending illness was coming upon me. Before I went into the house, I checked the mail. My new hoodie arrived! Before I laid down for a nap, I just had to take a picture of it and post it. Unfortunately, it’s not broken in yet, so the hood is a bit stiff and misshapen. Don’t worry. I’ll look way cooler when I get my blaster.

Now if I could only find the droids I was looking for…