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Now a break from trip posts for something nerdy.

I’d try to explain BlizzCon, but I really don’t understand the culture behind video games. The line for soft serve was doubled back, and there was no line for beer. Like I said, I don’t get it.

Like tennis, marriage is good when you have a good partner.

And I have the best partner ever.

Our pastor that married us said I was the most calm groom he’s ever seen. That’s not because I had accepted my fate and was ready to die. It’s because I picked an awesome wife. We had store credit after returning some wedding gifts that got duplicated, so we got this.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to crack open a beer, play a few games of Starcraft 2, and think about how much more awesome my wife is than yours. Okay, maybe no beer since it’s 7AM.

Summa Cum Laude = sk00L 1337

I almost flunked out of college freshman year. I won’t completely blame Quake 2, because if I didn’t have that I would have found something else to do instead of going to class. Still, if I had someone to kick my ass and tell me that I was heading for trouble, I would have been much better off. Actually if they just gave me grades for playing Quake 2, I would have been excellent.

That’s what they’re doing now at UC Berkeley. They have a lot of programs, where you can create your own curriculum. Personally I believe the intentions are good, but this is bullshit. They want to create a broad spectrum, where you can learn the things that interest you and hopefully apply them to make the real world better. Instead you probably get mostly jackasses earning credits off of goof off time.

I’d love to take a class on maintaining a planted aquarium or playing the ukulele. A unicycle riding course would be awesome. They could make it a two course series and add juggling to the second class. I’m pretty sure if these were courses, I would still find something else I would rather do and fail these too.