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Awesome on many levels.

The fact that LEGO has expanded beyond just the simple square blocks I grew up with a kid is incredible, but the franchise they’ve created by doing computer graphic based videos is amazing. Here’s a film based off of their CG characters and  involving Star Wars no less. It also doesn’t hurt that they make Jar Jar Binks a total loser, what he really was in the actual Star Wars movies.

My New Tee

It doesn’t get cooler than this.

Preparing for my Man Cave

Living with Michelle has been very easy. We’re both easy going people, so there has been almost no butting of the heads. Even deciding on how to furnish and decorate the place has been a breeze. Still in the back of my mind is a fear that slowly our place will be taken over by feminine touches. That’s why I am keeping a list of items for my man cave when we get a bigger place.

The man cave will have plenty of Star Wars touches to it, which is why this particular item is a must. It’s not only cool, but it’s also very functional.

Why yes that is a Star Wars lamp and MP3 player alarm clock. Of course the only music allowed on this particular item will be music from the soundtrack to Star Wars. Nothing gets you going in the morning like the Imperial March. [via Think Geek]

Although I’m some sort of anomaly that doesn’t get hangovers, Michelle insists that it will start soon now that I am thirty. Well, when that time comes, I will be prepared.

Bacon Drink Tabs! The effervescent smell of bacon will be my hangover cure, and if Michelle is wrong and I don’t end up being a wreck the next day from a night of binge drinking, at least I’ll be able to enjoy some Bacon Beer or Bacon Scotch. [via Archie McPhee]

The Building Blocks of Marriage

I ran across this wedding ring a while back. While I think the flat edges would cut up my hand, I still think it’s pretty cool. I’m not sure I’d get a gold one, but if someone would start making these in plastic with rounded edges, I might wear one.

I could get one for Michelle and she could put one of these guys on the ring. Then she would always have me with her.

Way Smarter than a Smart Car

I have a new hero. This guy, who built a drivable R2-D2. One day his kids will realize how uncool their dad is and resent him for being such a geek. He will respond, “I am  your father.” I hope one day to do as good of a father.

Must be lonely frozen in carbonite. All alone. Solo.


LEGO has fulfilled so many childhood hours with play time. They’re now demanding more of my time by releasing badass figurines from Star Wars. I may just give them some of that time.

Anyone want to loan me a couple hundred grand to build the Star Wars galaxy? Yes, I need that much money. Do you know how many Storm Troopers, Clone Troopers, and Battle Droids there are in the universe?

Build-A-Bear just got a whole lot cooler.

I never understood having children’s parties at Build-A-Bear…until now.

Thank you for blurring the lines between gender segregation. This is my safety line in case we have daughters. Now I will be able to lure them to The Dark Side. It starts with Star Wars teddy bears. Then, limited edition action figures.

Chewbacca must be the worst Star Wars Build-A-Bear character ever.

My favorite two things are Star Wars and anything combined with Star Wars.

James Hance has created some artwork where popular characters are tied in with other cultural references, mostly Star Wars.

Eeyore is an AT-AT Walker!

Check out James’ other works here. There’s even a Sesame Street/He-Man piece there.

Judge me by my size, do you?

A friend sent me a link to this poster that I think is absolutely awesome. I told him I would buy it, but I didn’t want to make my marriage the shortest marriage in history. His response was, “But Michelle might like it. It’s leafy.”

Check out the poster here. It’s on sale today.

Oh, no he didn’t!

Oh, yes I did. I am a married man now.

While my contract with Michelle won’t allow me to release all the details of the wedding yet, you can find plenty of the unofficial wedding photos online. There are no less than 2,000 photos floating around the Internet from our wedding. I’ve never seen so many cameras at an event. I went blind at one point from all the flashes going off.

So what am I allowed to show you? I guess the rehearsal dinner is okay to post. We went to Back on the Beach for our rehearsal dinner since it was close by our wedding venue.

It’s a salad. Refreshing but still a salad.

My out of focus Steak Frites.

South of the border.

I didn’t actually taste the tacos, so I had nothing to say about them. The steak was okay but not worth a trip to the restaurant just to try it. This pasta was great. The sauce was creamy and spicy and each bite was as satisfying as the previous.

Of course it wasn’t all about the food. It was a time to recognize the people close to us. Here are the groomsmen and me with their gifts. Welcome to The Dark Side.