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Is it hot in here? Sriracha Cookbook Release Party

It’s like Randy Clemens wrote a cookbook made just for Michelle. The Sriracha Cookbook! The book release party was at the Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood. It was elbow to elbow, standing room only.

There were some recipes from the book being served that night, and we decided we need to try a lot of them.

Short ribs. My guess is there was a lot of demand for this and they were hurrying them off the grill. The flavor was good on this, but it could have used a little more time on the grill to char the edges. Plus these thin cuts get cold so fast. That’s why you should cook it in front of yourself.

These are the jalapeno poppers. I didn’t try these until they end, because I didn’t know how hot they would be and didn’t want to kill my┬átaste buds. These had the seeds and pith removed and were filled with a creamy Sriracha sauce. Delicious.

Then I turned around and realized there was a light on the table behind me. The pictures get better.

Corn chowder. This was delicious. The fire-seared corn with Sriracha was nicely balanced out with a creamy texture that brought down the heat a little bit.

Mac N’ Cheese. The corn chowder before this had quite a bit of heat on it. Unfortunately it muted the flavor of the mac. I could tell it was cheesy with a hint of spiciness, but I can’t say how good this dish was, because I was suffering from numb tongue.

My mouth cooled down enough to try the burger. It had bacon, people! If you made this burger without Sriracha I would be a happy camper. It was just a solid burger, but the added flavor from the hot sauce was so well placed. It didn’t take anything away from the flavor of the beef or bacon.

Wash it all down with Eagle Rock Brewery‘s special Sriracha spiced beer. This was so weird. It tastes like you ate something really spicy and were trying to cool, but the heat isn’t up front. It’s at the end of each sip.

I know all of you signed up for that Amazon $20 gift card online yesterday, so if you like your food spicy, do yourself a favor and go buy this book.