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Argentina: The part without food.

So far you’ve seen us eat and drink on our vacation, but we did more than that. There really isn’t much to see in the actual city of Buenos Aires, but we still managed to see and do some things too.

Buenos Aires has a lot of street art. There’s a lot of¬†graffiti¬†too.

The architecture in the middle of the city is really nice.

This is where their Congress meets.

About ten blocks down the road from their Congress is La Casa Rosada, Pink House. Every weekday there are a couple of protests that march from the Congress to the Pink House.

Here is one of the protest groups, spray painting grievances on the buildings.

Who is this man, whose face they painted on the wall?

I think they want Dave Navarro out of Jane’s Addiction or something like that.

This is the Obelisk. If people come from other parts of Argentina, this is where they stop first. This is also where the people get very drunk and celebrate their soccer victories.

We got to go to the Recoleta Cemetary, the final resting place of Eva Peron. You know, Evita? Madonna in that movie? Don’t cry for me Argentina?

People to this day leave flowers at the Duarte family mausoleum.

We took a short day trip outside of Buenos Aires to Tigre. This is the church next to my tall wife, who is all legs.

You know how they paint the poorer areas bright colors to turn them into tourist traps?

They do that here too, and it works. Tourists!

A trip to Buenos Aires isn’t complete without a visit to the San Telmo Market. It’s 10 blocks of street vendors, all selling the same stuff pretty much.

Looking at these fifteen images I posted up, you have pretty much seen Buenos Aires. Yes, there are museums in town, but it’s not so different from what you could see at a museum at home. So come to Buenos Aires, see the things we saw, and spend the rest of the time eating and drinking. It’s a great city.