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Watching Sports with Women

Yesterday I watched the Super Bowl with Michelle. She did very well, only saying once that it was boring, before the game really got exciting in the last quarter. One of my favorite things to do with people that don’t know the rules of the game is to explain the rules incorrectly with made up terms. Michelle did not ask many questions though, except for the one about the quarterback’s wristband.


I told her that all quarterbacks are cyborgs with computers implanted into their arms. She wasn’t buying it, but she said, “That would be really cool if that were true!” *Boop Boop Boop*

Although unrelated, I ran across this other image while I was searching for the above image.


Good Time for College Sports, Indifferent on Professional

It’s not over yet, but if Major League Baseball heads into a World Series with Colorado and Cleveland, no one is going to care. No one from the west coast is going to root for Colorado, and no one from the east coast is going to root for Cleveland.

In the NBA, the eastern conference has teams coming up as potential powerhouses, and Kobe is still complaining. No one cares.

College football is becoming as exciting as March Madness. There is no telling what team will come out on top. As soon as one team ends up in first place, it signifies their upcoming loss. It’s a roller coaster of excitement. Unfortunately, UCLA is not a part of this excitement. We haven’t been able to improve.

College basketball, on the other hand, is where I am excited for UCLA. Do you remember how we got beaten the past two years by Florida? They were able to dominate the paint, because they never had to guard Mbah a Moute. The prince of Cameroon  had no jump shot. That has changed. This summer, they worked on that, so watch out. Afflalo is gone, but Kevin Love is coming into the mix. Combined with Mata’s ugly mug, The Bruins should do a pretty good job of controlling the boards. With Collison, Shipp, Roll, and Mbah a Moute on the perimeter and with the ability to penetrate, UCLA should have plenty of options this year.

Everybody Hurts Sometimes. Everybody Cries

Today started off like any other day. I was running late to work but not caring. I was stopped at the stoplight on the offramp, blasting my radio and singing. As I turned to my left to see who was stopped next to me, I noticed it was a grown man with tears running down his face. His face wasn’t contorted in anguish, but he definitely had tear trails on his cheeks. I began pondering what could possess a man to cry on his drive to work.

The only thing I could come up with was that he was a USC fan. Those poor bastards. It’s beating a dead, Trojan horse, but I have been saying all along that you would have to be an idiot to wait for a chance to play behind so many great starters. Mark Sanchez was one of the more notable idiots in the coveted quarterback position, but Booty’s horrible game may just be his chance. Even Carroll noted, “We could have made a change but we went with our guy. I don’t know about next week.” You can defend Booty and the Trojans, saying he hurt his hand during the game, but the end result is what matters.

This year’s NCAA football season is shaping up to be more like basketball. Many of the ranked teams are recording losses on their stats. Although LSU is still top ranked and undefeated, my money is on Cal this year. Those guys always have a way of upsetting the big teams.

I wish UCLA’s football team would do something like they our basketball team, but the fact of the matter is that we need a new coach. UCLA will never be a championship team with Karl Dorrell. He is good enough to keep our program from backsliding, but he does not improve our program. Beating USC last year was great, but it’s not reason enough to keep this coach around. It’s time for him to go.

Too Much of a Good Thing

I called it. It’s currently happening to USC. They’re slowly losing their ability to recruit the best players. It is not because of a lack of a good football program. Simply put, they have more good players than they know what to do with on their team. The kids are finally realizing that when they sit behind half a dozen running backs, they are not going to get to play. They are slowly transferring to other school’s in spite of having to lose a year of eligibility.

This is not USC’s fault. They accept players not knowing who will decide to attend their school. It’s the players’ faults for being stupid. It doesn’t matter how good the program is if you don’t get to play.

This is going to be USC Football’s slow decline. Other kids are going to realize a little earlier than their less than brilliant predecessors that it’s not always best to attend a good athletics program that offers little chance to play. Don’t get me wrong here. USC still packs plenty of firepower in its lineup in a lot of positions, but a couple injuries or disappointing developments and you have yourself a team that is no longer so dominant. What I still can’t figure out is how USC is still managing to hang on to so many quarterbacks. Those are your true idiots.