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This is a Manwich

Chicken parmesan sausage and bacon, cooked on the grill. Mushroom and onions, sauteed on the grill. Finally, pickled jalapeno slices, fried in bacon fat. Eat it.

It tastes like burning.

Think Geek has some unique things for sale, most of which are not very practical but still a lot of fun. I stumbled across this particular product, guaranteed to make your rear end burn. Okay, so that’s not that primary purpose of this product but still it’s going to happen.

Behold the Ghost Pepper in all it’s burning glory!

If I grow one of these, who will eat it? I’m not so sure I can eat this without turning into a puddle of tears and sweat.

I learned it from you!

Does anyone remember this anti-drug commercial from the 80’s? This is my life, except instead of drugs it’s spicy foods.

Being with Michelle I’ve learned that if I don’t eat food off her plate right away, it will soon be swimming in hot sauce or peppers. When I say right away, I mean right away. She’s not one to hesitate when it comes to eating. I’m still not quite the spicy champ that Michelle is, but I have learned some the ways of the fire eaters.

It sounds so simple, but this has brought us closer together…and probably given me a higher risk of butt cancer.