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Just Like Her Dad

Maggie’s learning more every day, becoming less like a baby and more like a little kid. I’m not even sure where she learns some things or how she learns them. Michelle took Maggie to her 18-month checkup recently and told the doctor Maggie knows ever 100 words. When she told me that I told her, “No way. That seems like a lot.”

I went ahead and started counting them, and there are 175+ words I came up with pretty quickly. They might not all sound the way you or I might say them, but she definitely knows these words.

I’m pretty excited that my baby is a word learning machine, but I’ll probably regret it when she won’t stop talking.

Wedding and Marriage in Hindsight

Me: Does anything feel different now that we’re married? It feels exactly the same to me.
Michelle: What? No! Now we have to see each other for the rest of our lives.
Me: Even if we didn’t get married I’d still see you for the rest of your life.
Michelle: Why?
Me: I’d stalk you.

What’s supposed to feel different after getting married? I think if you expect to feel different you might have more to worry about. A wedding doesn’t change anything. You make the decision to spend the rest of your life with someone long before you go through any ceremony to make it “official.”

With the wedding all done it makes me laugh to think of all the planning and details we worked on, only to have our friends be impressed with the fact that both our fathers gave speeches in perfect English.

Rethinking this marriage thing…

Best Man: im gonna totally lie and make u look like the best guy ever
Me: if i dont cry i want my money back.
Best Man: if u werent married u would totally get laid
Best Man: after my speech
Me: but since im getting married
Me: i wont
Me: ever

My Best Man is married. There was no disagreement to my statement. Wait a second…