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The time I got naked in Japan (without pictures).

I lied. There are pictures, but there aren’t any pictures of me. Okay, that is also a lie. This post contains pictures of me, but none of them are nude. Do you believe me?

After doing some shopping we were beat from waking up early on top of adjusting to the local time. Michelle did some searching online and found a spa for us to try out. Only after we got off of the subway and started walking towards the place did she tell me that this wasn’t one of those coed places, where you keep your clothes on and that I’d have to show brain in front of everyone. Hell, anything goes on vacation, right? It’s onsen time!

I think that sign says, “Want to get naked in front of a lot of people? Here is your place!”

After you strip down to your underwear, you come out of the locker room looking like this.

You leave the locker room to enter a completely different world. It’s like entering Miyazaki’s Spirited Away but without all the odd creatures.

There are shops and carnival games for the kids to play.

There are plenty of places to eat.

There’s even a bar if you really need to unwind.

They have taiko drums for a video game!

After spending as much time as possible clothed, I went into the men’s spa and stripped down. Inside there are multiple hot tubs at different temperatures, including some hot tubs outside and one very cold tub. As one of the few foreigners I would hold the tiny wash cloth in front of my crotch as I made my in and out of different tubs, while everyone else seemed very comfortable letting it all hang out. After a couple of minutes, it quickly became no big deal.

The one section that is for men and women is a foot spa. Here is a tub with rocks that are supposed to massage your feet as you walk over them, but holy crap it hurts.

There’s even a section where you can have your feet exfoliated by fish, but really that’s a pretty good way to get hepatitis. We passed on this.

While the idea of being naked in front of other men is an odd concept for me as an American, it’s liberating to not try to size oneself up to the next guy. Nobody gives a shit.  So what if your wiener is pulling a scared turtle? If you are ever in Japan, don’t shy away from the onsen experience. It’s a great way to relax. While it is a bit odd it’s still kind of fun, and you can check out what other men look like naked if that’s your thing.

“Yeah I’ve never seen a circumcision like that before. That’s really great.”