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Poor Service, Great Price

I went to Memphis in Manhattan Beach, because I had one of those online coupons expiring that day. Turns out the restaurant was closing permanently in two weeks because of slow business. Unfortunately that meant the staff just bailed to take other jobs, because what’s the worst that could happen? They could get fired? There was one poor guy handling all the tables and the bar by himself. Despite the expected slow service, the food was awesome.

Creamed corn.

Pulled pork sliders.

Buttermilk fried chicken.

Memphis Po’ Boy with Blackened Shrimp.

The best part of this meal was getting the bill. We had a $40 credit for this place, but what you don’t see on the bill is our drinks. We had five drinks between two people, but pretty much everyone was getting a pass on the drinks. The place is probably open for another week if you want to try your luck at some free bar time.

While my friend and I were waiting for someone to acknowledge that we had arrived, a lot of time passed. We realized what was going on with the single server, and wondered if we should just help ourselves to the bar. My friend then had a very profound thought. People need to be controlled to some extent. Here we were, two guys realizing the restaurant wasn’t being patrolled because it was closing and thinking we should get a bottle of whiskey for ourselves. Imagine if people knew the government was going to collapse. Sheer chaos. While our government isn’t always what we want it be, you should be glad it’s there. Otherwise I might come steal your television.