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Weapons of Mass Seduction

You’ve all seen it already. If you haven’t, here it is again.

Some people liked the song enough that they wanted to download it. I thought I’d throw in some more of my favorites. Not all of them work out as nicely as the one in the video but make a mixed tape with some of these songs and you’re on your way to some guaranteed lovin’!

“IOU One Galaxy” by The Ataris
“Without You” by MxPx
“Above Me” by Rufio
“Angel” by Slick Shoes
“Want You Bad” by The Offspring
“You’re Not Alone” by MxPx
“Youth” by Goldfinger
“Song for a Mix Tape” by The Ataris
“Move to Bremerton” by MxPx

What are your favorites?

My Ears! They’re Bleeding!

I am admittedly a music snob. I try to tell myself that music is a personal preference and to each his own, but when I hear the crap that’s on the radio, I just can’t take it. Instead of keeping my mouth shut, I’ve decided to get vocal and incur the wrath of groupies everywhere.

I will preface this first rant with the fact that I haven’t heard anything but this one song on the new album. The Killers, Human, is now making me want to poke my ear drums out with a chopstick. It has a good rhythm, but the more I hear it, the more it drives me nuts. I listen to it and wonder, “Is this Brandon Flowers singing or is this Cher?” That’s one step up from being confused with Celine Dion.

I will not argue against Coldplay’s talent as a group, nor Chris Martin’s vocal abilities, but every time Viva La Vida comes on the radio, I change the station. I don’t know what it is about this song that irks me so. Perhaps it’s because they are trying so hard to to make a full production out of this song and falling short of the mark. Simplicity is the key to your success, guys. Just like The Scientist, Clocks, and Yellow. Sometimes I wish bands wouldn’t try to evolve their sound so much.

It’s not always the changing that bands do that make me dislike them. I have just never liked some of them, despite their popularity with the rest of the world.  Incubus is one of these bands. I can stomach listening to them without changing the station, but even their hits like Pardon Me, Nice to Know You, or Anna Molly don’t strike me as anything special. I get bored when I listen to this band.

This is the Internet, so I can’t expect people to take me tearing apart their favorite bands without giving them some ammunition to fire back at me. Therefore I am leaving myself open to have my own taste criticized. I’m a huge Beatles fan. There aren’t many who would speak ill of the boys from Liverpool, so here’s another one I’ve been listening to recently.

Rise Against’s latest album, Appeal to Reason, I absolutely love like their other albums. They are a band I stumbled across before they were made popular on the radio. It sounds cliche to say, but these guys rock. Not many bands do that anymore, and Tim’s voice just is so rich and full. It reminds me of  Nate’s voice on Finch’s album, What It Is to Burn.

No matter how much I wish, not everyone’s taste in music will match mine and I will be forced to listen to the music I don’t enjoy as long as I am sitting within earshot of my coworker’s radio. That’s alright, because someone is wishing that I was into the Jonas Brothers or Britney Spears every time they get a ride in my car. Still,  no matter how hard I try to be understanding, it still comes down to one thing.


…unless it’s also a band I like.