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Hop in my DeLorean. We’re going to Umami Burger.

I’ve never been one that needed to be up to speed with the latest trends. It’s no different when it comes to new food joints. I’ve been hearing about Umami Burger for the longest time. I was in no rush to check it out. I knew I would get to it eventually. That day has come.

Next time the Manly Burger and Port & Stilton Burger are on my target list, but I’ll have to get more fuel for the Flux Capacitor.

I have not had a soda of any kind in over four months, but when I saw that they had Mexican Coke on their menu I thought, “Why not?” Michelle and I split one bottle, and it was refreshing. It went down smooth and sweet with no chemical tartness in the aftertaste that I was so used to from sodas. This doesn’t mean I’ll start drinking soda again, but this was a welcome treat.

They call these their Thin Fries. I’m sure it’s relative compared to their Hand Cut Fries, but when dealing with french fries the word thin should be reserved for shoestring fries. These fries are of standard thickness. Despite my confusion over french fry girth, I was pleased by the order. They were fried nicely leaving no soggy fries and without making a thick potato chip out of any of them either.

I started with this burger. This is the Umami Burger. It’s delicious but not a flavor that I expect or want in a burger. Take away the bun and toss it over a bed of noodles. Just because it can be done in the kitchen doesn’t mean it should.

Second on the tasting was the Hatch Burger. This has a more typical burger taste to it with a nice bit of heat from the green chiles.

Finally was the Triple Pork Burger. Michelle wants everyone to know that this one was her favorite.* Upon biting into this one my brain thought, “There’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s cooking bacon.” Seriously, flavor explosion. I don’t know if I have some sort of taste bud disorder, but after a couple bites it was too much for me. In the same way I think Chego is overkill, this made my mouth want to tap out. I think subtlety has its place in the food world.

*After Michelle insisted I tell everyone how much she liked the Triple Pork Burger I told her, “You have your own blog and Twitter. You tell them.” Her response was, “Umami is too local. I cater to a more global audience.” I’m marrying an international super-blogger.

Soda Free

It was about two years ago that I switched from regular Coke to Diet Coke. Now I’ve given up soda completely. There’s no particular reason for it other than thinking it’s probably healthier to drunk water. I can honestly say I don’t miss it.

What other vices can I give up? No, beer is not an option. Beer is the nectar of the gods and makes me irresistible and charming to the whole world.

No Caffeine = Hip Hop Dreams

A year ago I gave up regular soda and switched completely to diet. I gave up soda completely a week ago, and it really hasn’t been a problem during my waking hours, but when it’s time to sleep I completely crash. I sleep longer than before, and it’s a bit rougher waking up. Once I’m going things are fine.

I don’t generally remember my dreams on a regular basis. Twice a year is about as often as I’ll have one that I can remember. I think it’s only when I’m really tired. Last night was one of those nights.

I was sitting in a diner with some of my friends when Jay-Z walked in and sat down at a table next to us. Some of my friends jumped out of their seats to shake his hands and sat down to talk to him. A minute later Diddy walked into the place and sat down at our table just to hang out. None of the conversation sticks in my mind, but I remember feeling like we were all good friends.

Damn, I need caffeine.

Hispanic Education Day

Every day for me at work is Hispanic Education Day. Here is today’s lesson on how to order sodas.

English: “Would you please give me a Pepsi and a Sprite?”
Spanglish: “Would joo please give me a pec-see and an eh-sprite?”

Why do they do this? I have no idea. Tomorrow’s lesson: What to do During an Immigration Raid.

Perks of the Industry

People in the entertainment industry get to meet celebrities and go to big Hollywood events and get free DVDs. People in the record industry get to go to concerts and grab free CDs. What do I get? Well, I can do anything plumbing related pretty inexpensively, but there’s much better things than that. We work with a lot of food companies, and when you get them out of a bind, they reward you with product.

Pink: Breakfast Burrito. Blue: Special Burrito. Purple: Taco Snack. There are no ingredients listed on any of these. I assume they’re supposed to be on the box they’re normally packaged in, but the package also notes among other things, “Do not unfreeze. Do not microwave.” What the hell?

I’ve had better luck with some other companies. The popsicle place around the corner was also kind enough to give us some snacks when we helped them out of a jam in their process. Then there is the company that makes cream sodas and root beer. Those are really good. I shared some with some friends. The beer plants don’t hand out freebies unfortunately.

(Diet) Coke Addict

My dad asked to borrow a dollar so he could get a Diet Coke out of the vending machine. A minute later I saw him coming from the stock room with two six packs of Diet Coke saying, “It’s my machine anyway. This is easier, and the money ends up in my pocket.” The only problem with this is that he took a dollar from me. Somehow I lost a dollar in all of this.