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House into Home

Our house is slowly but surely turning into a home. We are a long way from filling up the rooms with furniture, but we’re slowly adding our touches to the house to make it our own. You may have already seen Michelle’s contact paper masterpiece. Other than just the way it looks, we’re starting to feel like we belong in the house, especially with daily living and cooking.

This is a pork loin, wrapped in a bacon mat. It will soon join a pork shoulder already in the smoker. Yes, cooking with bacon is cheating but who is going to stop such a delicious breaking of the rules?

Here is a random assortment of ingredients tossed into a slow cooker with a piece of beef. I had zero idea what I was doing here. I used no recipe at all.

The end result kind of showed I used no recipe. It need salt, but that’s nothing a little salt added later couldn’t fix…or some hot sauce.

The pork shoulder looked great, but because I got a late start I don’t think all the fat rendered down all the way.

Still the meat had a great smokey flavor and went nicely with the sauteed onions and other vegetables.

I was a little bit scared about how the bacon would handle for four hours in the smoker. As you can see, it handled the time like a champ.

On the inside, perfection. This is definitely going on the list of smoking recipes to keep. I will, however, work on the glaze for this dish a bit more.