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Us vs. The Baby

The last few days have been pretty rough. Maggie went from sleeping eight hours through most of the night to waking up every two or three hours, crying very loudly. Unfortunately for us this happens to coincide with Michelle’s writing deadlines, so I’ve been playing Mr. Dad this weekend during the day. Even with all Maggie’s waking up, she stays awake through most of the day, which means we haven’t had time to catch up on our sleep.

We couldn’t figure out what made her suddenly wake up in the night when she was doing so well. She is a little bit young for teething, and she doesn’t exhibit all the signs. We fed her extra from a bottle to make sure she was well fed. Maybe it’s just one of those things?

Today, because we both worked from home, we decided to go pick her up from daycare together. Although Michelle has only seen her once when picking up Maggie, our pediatrician has her children at the same daycare. We joked, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we saw Dr. X here? We could be like, ‘Help us!'”

As we were leaving, who should walk through the door? Hallelujah! We told her about Maggie’s recent sleep schedule, and the conversation was pretty enlightening.

Dr. X: How’s it going?
 Good, except Maggie has been waking up every two or three hours recently.
Dr. X: She’s five months? It’s a social thing. She’s more aware now. She’s manipulating you because she knows she can.
Me: How long should we be waiting before we get her? We waited five, ten minutes but her crying seemed to keep ramping up.
Dr. X: You have to let her ramp up and calm herself down. Thirty minutes is an okay time to let her continue crying. I know it’ll be hard but-
Me: Oh, no. We can totally do that! We just thought we were being bad parents.

She was very matter-of-fact in telling us it’s related to social learning, but she made it sound like Maggie was some sort of diabolical genius, aware of her actions, and using us as puppets. Maybe she’s just getting us back for all the embarrassing photos we’re constantly taking of her.

The course of action is clear tonight. Ignore the baby! Hopefully she won’t hold a grudge in the morning. Your move, Maggie.

Babies are ticking time bombs…

I feel like I didn’t talk to enough people or do enough research about what having a baby is like. When it was harder than I had anticipated, frustration set in and made it that much more difficult mentally. So I’m here to share with you the healthy respect you should have for the job of parenting.

Having a baby is like having an alarm clock that goes off every one to two hours. You will never know exactly when it will go off, so you’re constantly anxious about whether the alarm is about to sound. Turning off the alarm involves a 45-60 minute task that involves poop, so you definitely don’t want to sleep walk through the task. If you don’t complete the task properly, you are likely to see the alarm go off sooner than you expect. Once the alarm is off, the waiting begins again for the next round.

I wish I had known more about the routine before getting thrown into the thick of things. It’s so much more difficult being defeated into the reality rather than understanding beforehand. Every book or article is going to tell you parenting is hard and tiring, but they don’t really give you any details on what it’s really like. I encourage you to talk to friends and family that have had kids in the past few years to really get a feel for what you’re getting into before you’re elbow deep in poop, wishing you had a time machine to go back to spay or neuter your past self.

Spilled Milk. Didn’t Cry.

Here’s another lesson that will go into my book.

This morning I spilled a whole bottle of milk onto myself and the baby. I think the bottle wasn’t screwed on all the way. I didn’t even realize I had done it until I looked down after only half a minute and thought, “Holy crap! She shotgunned the whole thing!” I told Michelle and she let out an exasperated sigh as if to tell me, “Stop wasting my milk!”

The good: The baby didn’t cry while I made up another bottle. She just sucked the milk out of her clothes and my clothes until I had another bottle ready. What a little piggy.

The bad: I think the baby thinks I have milk now. She keeps looking at me out of the corner of her eye while Michelle is feeding her as if to say, “You’re next.”

Although it seems ridiculously obvious, rest as much as possible. It’s hardest to sleep when the sun is up, because you’re so used to being up and about during the day. Having some time to unwind is nice, but it’s more important you’re on top of your game when the baby needs you. Use at least one of her sleep periods during the day to get some rest or you will be running on zombie mode and make dumb mistakes like me.

Exciting things not involving alcohol.

Normally my beginning of the week posts involve pictures of the past weekend’s play time. Sadly, this past weekend was spent finishing up my energy survey report I did this week.

The good news is I am writing this from DROID! Michelle and I got new phones. We share a phone plan. Scary. So far this phone has been amazing. Will report more on it later.

Have you ever woken up with lines on your body from sleeping so hard? I did this morning, but I slept so hard I had lines on both arms that are still there, including one in the palm of my hand! How do you do that? There’s next to zero flesh to leave an imprint in on your hand. Well, the summary of it all is that I’m tired.

Hope there are fun things on the World Wide Web to keep me awake today.


In the past couple weeks I’ve begun my transition from working in an office to getting out and seeing customers. The day goes by faster, but it’s really taking a toll on my sleep schedule. In order to do outside sales in southern California, I have to drive all over the place. I’ve been to San Bernadino, Downtown, the South Bay, and Orange County. This won’t all be my territory to cover, but for the interim while I’m learning, I’m going everywhere. In order to get everywhere, I have to get an early start to beat out traffic.

Tomorrow I have to be at one of the major breweries in Los Angeles at 7:00 AM. I’m going to bed now so I can wake up in time to get there. My body and mind don’t even know how to go to bed this early. We’ll see how well I function tomorrow. I may need to crack a beer for an eye opener. Fortunately I’m going to the right place for that.

One of Those Days

Today is one of those days, where I have so much going on that I feel like I have been running at full speed to get things done. Then I look up at the clock and almost no time has passed. I need to pace myself, but there are just some customers that get me riled up too easily. Enhance the calm. I think I’m going to recommend a Japanese rock garden for our warehouse, where I can take quiet lunches and maybe take a nap when no one is looking.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

I love Daylight Savings, well at least the half that gives me an extra hour of sleep. I don’t sleep very much, but when I do there is no waking me. There are often times when I wake up in a daze well after my alarm clock should have gone off. I know I set my alarm for the correct time the night before. The only explanation I can give is that my alarm goes off and I turn it off without ever really waking up.

Fortunately, there are annoying people dedicated to waking us up for work. Here are some of the fun alarm clocks that will make sleeping in darn near impossible.

The Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock has individual settings for each day with customizable snooze options. For myself, setting the first alarm off an hour and a half before my actual wake up time and having thirty minute snooze intervals would work out perfectly.

The Puzzle Alarm Clock is a fun one. The alarm goes off and the puzzle pieces go flying. To turn it off, you have to put the pieces back into place. After having to solve a puzzle your mind should be awake. It’s far too easy to turn off an alarm and not remember doing it. Making you solve puzzles is a way to get your mind going. Still, I have a feeling I would just pull the plug most of the time.

I like to do my killing first thing in the morning. You can’t kill without being awake, unless you’re a trained killing machine such as myself. That’s the brilliance behind the Laser Target Alarm Clock. Blast your enemy while blasting yourself to alertness.

Have you ever been in charge of watching a kid that won’t sit still? That must have been what the makers of Clocky were thinking. Once this alarm goes off, the clock goes running. I generally keep a glass of water on my night stand. Clocky would just make a mess of things and probably end up enraging me and suffering the same fate as the fax machine in Office Space.

Living Like a Refugee

The past two Sundays I have slept on a mattress on the floor at Kyung’s place so I don’t have to make a 2.5 hour drive to Thousand Oaks for an energy assessment survey. Tonight will hopefully be the last night that I have to do this. The scope of this project is just a lot larger than the customer thought.

It hasn’t been all bad. I’ve gotten a glimpse at the obsessive compulsive life that is Kyung’s once again. It’s no wonder he isn’t done with school. He keeps getting interrupted with dirty dishes and counters that need to be wiped down. Actually, there is very little conversing going on between us. We sit on our computers and listen to whatever strange music he has in his iTunes collection. We had a good laugh when Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus” came blasting out of the speakers.

So that has been my life as of late. Other than that, we funded and Escrow is officially closed. We own a new house. I’ll arrange a party. In other life news, check out this video I found online. (SFW if bleeped F bombs and sexual innuendos are acceptable at work).

I’ve Evolved Past the Need for Sleep

I’m tired, and each night I have been going to bed at 1:00 AM and waking up at 6:30 AM. Despite the small amount of sleep I am getting, I cannot get myself to fall asleep early. I’m just not tired. It’s a little tough to get up in the mornings, but once I am up I don’t feel tired at all, and I function fine throughout the day. It’s as if I no longer need a lot of sleep to function during the week.

I end up crashing on the weekends though, sleeping half of it away, if there’s nothing happening. If I have plans for the weekend, I sleep a little more but get going and keep up the same schedule without much sleep.

I’ve already removed the need for bathing. Now if I could just remove the need for eating and using the bathroom, I would be set. I could be ultra productive.

Meant to Be or Trouble Ahead?


I stumbled across this old picture of Michelle and me and decided to scan  it and share it with the rest of you. Ignore the date on it. The day was July 4, 1998. You can see a neighborhood block party in the background. Some things to note are how skinny I am and the fact that I am taller than Michelle, despite standing on a lower portion of the street. She must have grown an extra inch or two during college. Look how happy and care free we were then.

Unfortunately, little did we know that it wouldn’t be all smiles and sunny days. This rainy morning I awoke to a slap in the face, literally. I am a very heavy sleeper, so for me to wake up and for me to know that a slap to the face woke me up means I was hit pretty hard. Immediately I asked, “What?”

Apparently Michelle was dreaming that she was at her friend’s wedding and someone (not me) was sleeping and snoring during the wedding. People told Michelle to take care of the snoring man. So half awake she must have heard me breathing heavily, thought that it must have been me causing the ruckus, and bought down her palm of fury on my face. I’m being punished because she was dreaming! She even said it wasn’t me snoring in the dream.

This is not the first time I have suffered the wrath of Michelle for a dream. She go mad at me when she dreamed I had a tea party at Disney’s Magic Castle and didn’t invite her. Then there was the time that I had a Star Wars marathon watching party, and although she was invited, I wouldn’t let her talk because she asked too many questions.