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Cooking with bacon is cheating. I will look the other way for these guys.

The restaurant Slaters 50/50 is named after one of its signature menu items, a burger patty that is 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon. You’d think with a patty like that you wouldn’t need anything else, but they offers ome nice treats to go along with the burger.

Here is the burger with an over medium egg, avacado mash, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayo. Do you hears the angels singing?

When you bite into this burger it holds together well. I was expecting the thing to melt into oblivion. It’s so deceiving to get so much bacon flavor but no bacon texture. While I do miss tearing into an actual piece of bacon, that normally ends up with me pulling the whole strip out during the first bite and having no bacon for the rest of the burger. This keeps the bacon coming the whole time.

If you do need that bacon kick but want something different, definitely check out the Peanut Butter and Jealousy. It’s a ground beef burger topped with thick cut bacon, creamy peanut butter and strawberry jelly. I was offered a bite of this one, and holy smokes is it good! While the jelly doesn’t come through very much, the creaminess of the peanut butter is the perfect compliment to the salty bacon. I think the next burger I grill at home might have to use peanut butter instead of cheese.

Slater’s 50/50 is a long way out for those of you not living on the far east or west side of Orange County, but it’s definitely worth a trip to try a burger. To sweeten the deal, Slater’s offers a great selection of beer, including some harder to find beers like Firestone’s Parabola. Get your bacon on!