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Chicago Architecture

Chicago’s Architecture Tour was pretty fun. I absolutely do not remember which architect designed which building or why the buildings were designed the way they were, but it was really cool to see all the different styles of building mashed up together in such a small area. I will tell you one thing though. It gets cold on the river, especially for two people from Southern California.

Chicago Preview

Photo by Michelle.

Back in the States, Part 2

The next was spent wandering around the city to see some sites and gorging ourselves on some more questionable food items, just like a city trip to New York would be like.

The very boring museum of stuff taken from China during the revolution. If I were China, I wouldn’t even ask for it back. They have a rock that looks like a piece of stewed meat. Yay?

The best thing we found in the museum.

Taipei 101. Don’t let the Taiwanese fool you. Although they adamantly believe it is the tallest building in the world, it’s not.

Everyone with us knew that Michelle liked all her foods spicy, so we made sure to give her hot sauce for everything. These are spicy pot stickers, which explains the grin on her face.

This is round two of dinner after stuffing ourselves with half a dozen dumplings each. Delicious.

The next day we decided to head out of Taipei to check out some of the natural beauty of Taiwan. We booked plane tickets to head to a town outside of Taroko Gorge and tour into what I like to call, Taiwan’s Grand Canyon in Marble Form.

Home on the hillside.

I know the girl in red. She was in a different tour group that crossed ours and recognized me. Small world.

Maybe it was my apparel.

The path into Mordoor…I mean Taroko Gorge.

The weather was gorgeous. It was one of the first days there was blue skies this year.

I was hoping to get to cross the bridge, but no luck.

This whole mountain is made of marble. This looks like someone took a chunk out of it.

Protector of the gorge.

We hiked up a whole lot of stairs to see a temple and a giant golden statue. At the top a monk asked Michelle and me if we could carry down a couple bags when we made our way down. We said we would do that, figuring we could score some karma point or whatever brownie points these monks have.

This is me, getting tired and wondering what we’re carrying.

This is the free ice tea they give out down below. I guess they make it up top and trick tourists to carry down. The rest of the day we kept saying, “Those monk-ees tricked us!”

It’s got my hand! Save yourselves!

We saw a long line of people around a food stand and people standing around eating.

We had to join in on the fun.

Round two. Duck. The name of the game was eat the duck and spit the bones on the table. We followed the lead of multiple locals. I sure hope they clean these tables.

We decided to eat at the Modern Toilet Restaurant. This dessert is pretty disgusting. It doesn’t help that the bowls are shaped like squatty potties. The novelty wasn’t worth it.

One more day left in Taiwan to blog about, along with my synopsis of Taiwan and its people. Stay tuned.

Less Talk, More Moving

The gas lines are fixed in the house! We can finally move into the new house!


Here is one of the awesome toys left for us by the previous owner. It’s actually too powerful to look down on the city below. We used it to look at the craters on the moon.


I was able to see this. Anyone recognize this sign?


Hello, Downtown LA!