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Pretending to be Korean.

This weekend we set out to be Korean. We met Spencer and Vivian at Road to Seoul and we gorged ourselves on delicious meats while making our hair, clothes, and bodies smell like smoke. The meat there is absolutely awesome, not like the gristle and fat you get at most places.

Still feeling the need to be more Korean, we headed out to karaoke. Nore bang. Forgot we’re trying to be Korean. Singing your lungs out is always fun. I learned I can sing Lady Gaga pretty well. If only my friends would stop laughing at me I might be able to get through a whole song. Still, the highlight was this guy.

I don’t know who this mystery man is, but I know one thing. I already like him.

Another Holiday Party with the Koreans

Michelle had her annual company Christmas dinner. This year it was at Saketini in Brentwood.

IMG_6624 (Custom)

The famous Lychee Saketini. The girls (and some of the guys) were drinking these. Too sweet for my tastes.

IMG_6626 (Custom)

This is definitely more to my tastes.

IMG_6631 (Custom)

Started eating and forgot to take a picture of the Lobster Roll until half of it was gone.

IMG_6632 (Custom)

Kobe Beef. In the background is the fish which looked good too, but beef > fish.

The food was great and the company was great as usual. After dinner we were suckered into going to K-Town for karaoke. Wait, is that a cardinal sin not to call it norebang? I am exhausted right now and will spend the rest of the weekend hibernating. Totally fun and worth it.

A Whole New Gender Confusing World

This guy just ruined all my Disney princess fantasies. Still it’s pretty impressive. Check out some of his other videos. The only thing he doesn’t seem to do well is Alicia Keys.

YouTube Killed the MTV Star

I have spent hours on end clicking from video to video. What I’ve found myself looking at lately are musicians. I’m not talking about the ones that are discovered and known all over the world. I like watching individuals with their instruments, sitting in their bedrooms in front of their webcams.

Michelle sent me this link. Who wouldn’t love a song about Mario Kart? He doesn’t just sing about video games. He has some original music and even some covers of popular songs.

Speaking of covers, this ukelele cover of Weezer’s Keep Fishin’ was absolutely brilliant. This girl is an absolute weirdo and really, those are the best people on the Internet. Be sure to check out her Kanye West cover too.

This one isn’t a music video, but it’s an incredible concept. It’s a call to musicians all over the Internet for video tryouts for what I hope will be an incredible musical event.

The brilliance of YouTube is that anyone can be a star. Who knows? You may even see me singing off key one day, dragging my feet backwards across the carpet, thinking I can do the moonwalk. Don’t hold your breath on that one.